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Allies for the Greater Good

A Collaborative Newsletter... and Exploration of Shared Purpose...
If we are one humanity evolving, how can we adjust our thinking and our projects to be more precisely together?


There is a new global culture growing... It is based upon an old/new set of agreements downloaded into the hearts of human beings whenever they are fully present to their innermost essence. It is being woven from a relational fabric of love and trust and slowly becoming visible, networked and evolved through our new information technologies.

Many of us are feeling the apparent chaos and disarray in our society, wondering where and how we might live through this time safely. Yet in almost every field, there is also a detectable undercurrent of newness, a lifeline that can be seen especially when one looks for paradox... traditional profit-oriented companies speaking in environmental language; holistic health modalities arising within orthodox fields of medicine; increasing attention to relationships in banks and government offices; spiritual ideas showing up in business and entertainment; political movements that call for unity. While many changes may still be primarily self-serving, not yet based on an appreciation of the greater good, they do indicate a slow, but steady shift in what is culturally appropriate.

Also visible and still somewhat behind the scenes, a "circle" movement has been maturing, attracting many women to gather in meaningful conversation and community, fostered by our new information technologies. The subject has varied, but the principles invite participants to grow in authenticity, to relate to one another with respect, to honor the whole circle, and to stay connected by phone and Internet. In their circles women have been practicing and networking a new global culture, rich in the traditional ways of many indigenous peoples, peoples who have been called the "Keepers of the Wisdom" for their understanding of how to live in right relationship with all of Life. Out of the re-emergence of indigenous wisdom, out of the women's circle movement and networking, out of the spiritual growth of many lineages of human thought, a new culture that honors Life and networks Aliveness, is becoming visible in a world deadened by separatist thinking carried to its extreme.

- Jeanie DeRousseau, PhD
With appreciation for conversations with Lucia Rene,
and Vikki Hanchin,

[FEEDBACK CALL: Tell us about your circles. What is your news of the new culture?]


  • Inviting you to their annual GTW summer gathering, this year titled "Lighting the World". Register by July 1 to join GTW's conveners in Racine, Wisconsin, heartland USA, August 18-20. If you are or want to become a circle activist in your part of the world, come meet your sisters, and network your wisdom through GTW...

  • Supporting many circle initiatives, and launching telecircles in the near future. Taste the connecting flavor of a telecircle. Listen to their final BlogTalkRadio show of last Monday at www.blogtalkradio/circleconnections. Join their online community to build the field and participate in a new wave of online telecircles...

  • Inviting you to an intimate experience of women in circle, through their DVD, "The Heart to Lead: Women as Allies for the Greater Good". Use the film to catalyze a circle conversation in your area, and the free Guidebook to Heart-Knowing, to organize a conversation series and build community where you live...


  • Around the Sacred Feminine and women's spiritual, following their recent retreat "The Alchemy of our Spiritual Leadership: Women Redefining Power", are co-creating multiple circle opportunities to exchange wisdom and support. Join their online PeaceNext conversation to participate in the unfolding.

  • Around Living, the Sisters of the Planetary Water Rites invite us to connect to the sacredness of water that supports all of life by creating local ceremonial circles to bless our waters. Guidance and support on their website.

  • Around Spiritual Activism..., following their recent retreat, "Episcopal Women Gathering" invite you into a network of circles that foster spiritual leadership to transform the church and the world. Join their LightPages community to become part of the emergence or connect on Facebook!


  • Keepers of the Wisdom. Indigenous voices coming forward now to reconcile the wounds of the past and invite all cultures to join hands for the well-being of the earth. A Celebration of Unity: Celebrating humanity's 2012 rebirth into unity through an artful reclaiming of indigenous wisdom, an important ceremony of reconciliation and unification, June 12, at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Hold those energies with us that day and beyond...

  • invites you to a 6 week teleconference... beginning June 9, 2011 to stand for and with women shaping a new Middle East. Come together with women from Pakistan, Egypt, Gaza and Bahrain who share their personal experiences, their optimism and hope. Feel a true sisterhood emerging to carry us forward together as each of us takes the steps she sees to make a difference.

  • Creating a 'standing wave' of personal commitment to usher in a better world for earth's children. Since 2007, thousands have stood each year on Mother's Day, sending pulses of mother love intention around the world. Add your own "2011 report" or your dream for the world at Standing Women. Every human being wants a better world for their children to grow into. Now is the time to tune into and build this standing wave in every way we can!

  • Taking the steps there are to take in a 7 month journey across America, learning the lessons, and inviting women on the move to walk together through these times. Inviting others to walk with them and to bring your projects into conversation at, so that we may appreciate and catalyze the great movement that is now taking place as people everywhere commit to change at every level.

[FEEDBACK CALL: Please share your projects, and your sense of what is new and emerging.]
SPHERES CIRCULAR E-ZINE CALL: A circle sister publication, serving and cross-pollinating conscious projects for a decade, inviting participation in their late June issue. (505) 603-6441 or]

Places to rest

In resonance with others of like-mind and heart

Riding out the shift, together
By Lucky Sweeny, co-founder of Evolutionary Women, evolutionary astrologer and coach,,

A friend emailed me and asked what I thought about the "intense energies" of now. This is my view of this time.

It IS very intense right now. Over the past 2 decades, I think we've gotten used to feeling the energies when not much has really occurred; it's taking us some time to incorporate that the "Shift", or whatever you may call it, is actually happening right now. And unless you watch the politics, for those of us in the U.S., it's relatively calm, as opposed to Japan, which may be on the verge of the end of life as they have known it.

As people who probably chose to come here for this time, for our own soul experience and to be of service to humanity and the Universe, we are experiencing it in the fiber of our body and the energies of our soul. Realignments, releasing and expanding... whatever we need to upgrade to more fully BE our full potential Self, is being activated both within us and in our external circumstances. [more]

In circles that nurture

Reflections of a Pilgrimage: One circle, many ripples
By Martha Llanos (PERU), Peace Ambassador, Millionth Circle,

Dedicated to my Iona sisters in San Francisco and our reunion in May 2011.

This writing is a reflection upon circles and the energy created by circle members. In it I am pleased to share personal stories that were simple anecdotes when they happened, but are beautiful threads revealed with the power of deep reflection... threads of "hidden coincidences" weaving each day of my life into a song of gratitude for the freedom and power in all women.

It was 9 years ago, in 2002, that I first met a very special circle of women on the Isle of Iona, off Scotland. A call went out from Millionth Circle, and I responded. It was there in circle with them that my awareness [more...]

In frequencies that connect

Appreciation. A secret portal?
By Laurie McCammon, writer, founder of Maine Women's Network,, Regional Coordinator for and Ambassador for

Years ago, a panel of spiritual teachers on Oprah were asked the question, "If you could advise people to do only one thing to progress on their spiritual path, what would it be?" An immediate consensus arose, something like, "Take some time each day to be in gratitude - specifically, keep a gratitude journal." Really? Could it be that simple? For those of you who followed this advice, you most likely found that your days flowed better as a result, and you found that your mind was less cluttered with negative thoughts. You started to feel happier, calmer, more optimistic.

And whenever we appreciate others, we get to feel the beautiful essence of appreciation within our own bodies as we give it, and this in itself feels good. This becomes a positive feedback loop [more]

Appreciation is my default position, what I fall back on in trying times.
It serves as an altering agent... like the leavening in bread. Everything rises. Everything expands....
Try this experiment. The next time something happens that upsets, saddens, angers, annoys, or frustrates you,
say, "Thank you" immediately. Just simply--thank you. Say it to yourself. Whisper it. Voice it silently.
Shout it out. But say it, and then repeat it, until it lands and takes hold in your heart.
--Bonnie Kelley,

Relaxing into the unknown

Poised at the doorway
By Jeanie DeRousseau, anthropologist and collaboration advocate for women's groups at and

Over the years I have "given myself such very good advice" as Alice sings in her visit to Disney's Wonderland, but as she continues, "I've hardly ever followed it." Singing the song, Alice has come to the end of her path. There is no more path. But lo and behold! the Cheshire Cat's smile appears and the Cat that forms around the smile, opens a door in a tree, a totally unexpected entryway into the Queen's gardens.

I feel that I am at the end of the path. There are no more sign posts, [more...]


This Collaborative Information is intended to cross-pollinate a wave of related women's initiatives, and has been sent to all their memberships including LightPages members of:

Circle Connections, Women connecting to create a new earth, one circle, one connection, one step at a time. Bringing visibility to women in leadership through their 2 years of radio shows at Supporting new waves of "circle connections" through the UN Women's Circle Campaign and as Connecting Episcopal Women.

Evolutionary Women, Creating events, gatherings, forums and services for women called to the Co-Creative Feminine. Featuring 44 Evolutionary Women's stories in their book Conscious Choices.

Gather the Women Global Matrix, Networking women and women's organizations who share a belief that the time is now to activate the incredible power of women's wisdom on a planetary scale. Inviting women to gather in Racine, Wisconsin, August 18-21, 2011, and/or to become regional coordinators for local circles.

Imagine the Good, Inspiring and empowering people to shift their attention to the greater good. Inviting women to use their film, "The Heart to Lead: Women as Allies for the Greater Good", to catalyze circle conversations and build community where they live.

Millionth Circle, Inviting circles with a spiritual center to become a worldwide healing force through feminine values of relationship, nurturing, interdependency, with the aim of celebrating the millionth circle. Supporting a 5th UN World Conference on Women through a petition at

Offerings, On-going conversation that fosters the story of women evolving themselves, their lives, their world. With foci on birthing, new politics, money, women's networks, using art, in-person and through online channels.

Sole2SoulWalk, Gathering "women's walks" around the focus of a 7 month walk from California to Washington DC, beginning International Woman's Day 3/8/2011. Convening a Parade of Purpose to Accelerate the Inclusion of Women in the Conversations and Decisions that Shape the Future. Inviting all allied 'walks' to be posted on their site, and conversations to be had all along the way.

Spheres Circles, Promoting the principles of positivity and connectivity through the Spheres Circular E-zine, part of CMN, the Conscious Meme Network, [See their Facebook page here]. Promoting Spheres Circles, and Pollyanna Power and products, "Positive attitude in action"!

Standing Women, Following Sharon Mehdi's story of the Great Silent Grandmother Gathering, inviting women worldwide to stand in silence for a better world every Mother's Day. Over 8000 'standings' in 80+ countries form the foundation for a network of committed mothering love across the planet. Inviting new every-moment commitments.

Water Convergence, Building and nurturing an on-going field of love and unity around the earth's waters. Calling us each into conversations and rituals that bless our waters, cleanse our oceans, and provide clean drinking water for generations to come.

Ways Women Lead, Following the threads of organic collaboration to foster networking of grassroots women around the United Nations. Promoting a global culture of self-discovery, empowerment, and leadership for the common good.

Weaving the World, A library of interviews with women in leadership, with opportunities to participate in energetic practices to transform self and society.

Women of Spirit and Faith, Convening multi-faith conversations that celebrate women's spiritual leadership. Inviting local circles to carry the conversation to every community.

Women Waking the World, Communicating the root cause of today's crisis, the devaluation of the feminine, and working to restore feminine wisdom, values and influence in the service of all life.

See interactive pages for all of these women's organizations at Contact for more information about LightPages, or to subscribe or unsubscribe as an organization.