#StandingWomen ...each one of us anchoring the dream of
May 10 - Mother's Day - 1 pm

The 9th annual Global Wave of Standing...

Anchor the dream. Post where you will stand. Pass on the invitation.
Be inspired by others who have stood and will stand.
Visit www.StandingWomen.net.

Some of the weaving that brought the dream forward...

  • In 1995, the Achuar peoples deep in the Amazon rainforest contacted the outside world to request that the peoples of the North 'change the dream of the modern world' (Pachamama Alliance).
  • Independently, inspired by her new granddaughter, Sharon Mehdi wrote a book about grandmothers standing in silence to save the world (www.grandmotherbook.com, published 2005).
  • In 2007, inspired by Mehdi's book, a group of women in Ohio assembled their dream for a better world, inviting women everywhere to stand in silence for the earth's children on the second Sunday in May.
  • The second Sunday in May is Mother's Day in the US. Julia Ward Howe's Proclamation of 1870, that peace begin with the mothers of every country, is widely credited for its birth. The Proclamation begins, 'Arise, then, women of this day!'
  • Since 2007 more than '7000' standings at www.StandingWomen.net, have reflected and confirmed the dream, the Declaration of Standing.

Please join us on May 10, 1 pm local time: Read the Declaration of Standing aloud
and stand in unity for 5 min of silence...

Print a copy here

What has happened, and what we do, are not isolated phenomena. These happenings are threads in a fabric of Coordination and Aliveness, woven by individuals making choices, co-creating our shared human reality. Each of us who consciously stands for the better dream in our own lives, in prayer or in projects, is building the new dream that the Achuar requested. Let us stand together with the Achuar as One People, all of us indigenous to the earth. Let us reach together into the substrate of our reality and change the direction of our dream for the sake of the children.

Stand for a better world
Post your standing and anchor the dream
Play it forward! #Standing Matters

Blessings on each and all,
The Standing Women Team at LightPages
With gratitude for all those who have come before to realize our shared dream for the children