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"Man is a single Monad, uncompounded and indivisible, yet compounded and divisible; loving and at peace with all things yet warring with all things and at war with itself in all things; unlike and like itself, as it were a musical harmony containing all things;…showing forth all things and giving birth to all things." Hippolytus, 'Elenchos' VIII, 12, 5ff.
Collected Works - Carl Jung

Conscious Evolution Santa Barbara is a diverse community of forward-thinking activists, artists, holistic practitioners and spiritual people, coming together to explore the meaning of community and looking for ways to inspire and uplift the world.


Our purpose is to be a habitat for conscious evolution. Recognizing our oneness with Spirit, we co-create with each other and Nature's Intelligence to discover and contribute our genius for self and social benefit.


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1 7/9/20 Facebook's massive project toward transparent voter information Jeanie D.

Dear Conscious Evolutionaries,

Some of you Facebook souls may know of this already, but I am sitting here with tears in my eyes, having just discovered it. Facebook has been and is amping up their work to make our political process more transparent.  Here is the link...  I had to share the 'relief' that I'm feeling from seeing this...


2 7/5/20 Awesome Invocation - White Lion Trust Catherine (Cat) W.
I read Linda's book last year. Very interesting but sad that the trophy hunting still continues. The most amazing part was the female shaman who walked among the lions and protected them when their jeep broke down in the night. Linda is such a strong advocate for the lions in spite of all the challenges she has had to face. It seems part of her personal destiny. Blessings, Cat --- On Sun, J . . . [More]
3 7/5/20 Awesome Invocation - White Lion Trust Bruce S.
Just came off the Ubiquity University "Humanity Rising" online (Zoom and other media) seminar. This one was again stunning. The session featured Linda Tucker of the White Lion Trust -- who is nothing less than an absolutely awesome person. The recording of the session has not yet been posted. When it is, I will list it . . . [More]
4 7/4/20 What journey do You think we're on? Bruce S.
Thank you, Ani. I'd say -- we're on a journey of destiny -- and it's up us to decide where we want to go, and whether we care enough to row the boat I started off the day with a wonderful seminar on Humanity Rising -- just some really talented and brilliant people -- especially this guy Peter Lorimer -- on "Creating a Culture of Love and Wisdom" -- which I'd say is no new age luxury, but r . . . [More]
5 7/3/20 What journey do You think we're on? Ani A.
A few days ago I posted, "I consciously began to “jar” myself out of my "paradise stupor.” - that was really dumb. I've worked hard at cultivating that "stupor." It's called "bliss." I've changed my mind about, "Feeling the pain" and "Harnessing my fear and being a hero" (with PTSD). I don't think they're very good ideas and I'm not going to choose them anymore. I seem to recall Ilya Prigog . . . [More]
6 7/1/20 Conscious Evolution and the New World Bruce S.
We had a fabulous session on Humanity Rising today -- led by Dr. Jude Currivan, along with several other very talented and strong people including Dr. Julie Krull from The Connection Field and Good of the Whole. It was rocking -- a lot of creative juice. For right now, I want to attach a graphic I came across, regarding the ongoing value and celebration of Conscious Evolution. ***** . . . [More]
7 6/29/20 Essential Listening Field Ani A.
Beloved Community, I’ve never really shared about my experience ALONE with Nature for three and a half months in a 100 acre Redwood forest the summer of 2014. I’ve been aware of myself, not so much as a human being, but as an autopoietic living system ever since...with mycelium as my mentor. Today I went to Stephens park and just nestled in the arm of a big old tree and allowed myself to c . . . [More]
8 6/26/20 Whole World View Bruce S.

Also -- I want to send a brief description of this Hague Center.  In my opinion, this is where Conscious Evolution is going today -- towards organizing a conscious / informed / collective / holistic / integral response to global conditions.

With a cute PS: On the Jude Currivan session today, I got put in a three-person break-out group with man who turned out to be a Lord in the Bri . . . [More]

9 6/26/20 Living in Process to Midwife the Emerging New Bruce S.

Dear Ani -- Dear All

Thank you so much Ani -- for initiaiting this process, for holding the vision, for helping to open the way .

. . . [More]

10 6/25/20 Living in Process to Midwife the Emerging New Ani A.
Beloved Community, Something ended for me in August last year after working on Barbara's (BMH) memorial and Marianne's campaign event. The "now moment" was all that was left for me. I understood I was being guided to learn to "live in process" like the rest of Nature, one day at a time. I began paying attention to myself alone in my apartment; how I navigate a day; harnessing my thoughts . . . [More]

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