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1 5/13/14 Need a small Rental in Santa Barbara Patricia B.
Hi dearest Evolutionary Woman members.Many of you know me as I was with CEN when it all began. I am a MFT and an author of a book endorsed by Barbara Marx Hubbard.I am looking to rent a one bedroom guesthouse or a studio. I am looking to spend around $1000 a month for a studio myself or $1500-1800 (approx.) for a one bedroom that I would share with a wonderful couple who do documentary films an . . . [More]

2 9/13/13 New Freedom From Food Teleseminar Sept. 26th 2013 Patricia B.
"I continue to lose weight (120 lbs as of now) and to recommend your work to friends and acquaintances. I'm so pleased your work continues to be available to the general public. It is unlike any other weight loss program and I feel you made an immeasurable contribution to my life and health." -FFF Participant Dear Friends, How many times have you condemned yourself for being a failure bec . . . [More]

3 3/9/13 Voices of Feminine Leadership Andrea H.
Hello Evolutionary Women! Announcing open enrollment for the 7th Heal My Voice project: Voices of Feminine Leadership. The group of women is beginning to gather. This is a nine month program using an evolutionary process that began with the book Conscious Choices: An Evolutionary Woman's Guide to Life in 2008. The process has grown with writing, speaking and next steps of leadership. What is . . . [More]

4 11/8/12 Info Call for NEW HMV Book Circle Karen P.
Karen Porter and Andrea Hylen are leading an informational phone call about the next Heal My Voice Book Circle Project starting officially in Jan 2013. We are collaboratively co-leading the nine month Voices of Peace program. Both of us are ordained Ministers of Spiritual Peacemaking in the Beloved Community led by James Twyman and have extensive backgrounds in Energy and Sound Healing, as wel . . . [More]

5 9/11/12 New Autumn Freedom From Food Teleseminar begins October 23, 2012 Patricia B.
“Freedom From Food is a small masterpiece. It takes us into a deeper field of reality where thought creates and applies principles and practices to the most physical aspect of our lives. Demonstrating this “Quantum Weight Loss Approach” not only serves to regulate our bodies but also our whole lives. I recommend it to everyone.” Barbara Marx Hubbard "I continue to lose weight (120 lbs as of . . . [More]

6 7/21/12 Retreat Seminar - 'Femenine Empowerment Guided by Horses' Wisdom' Martine D.
Retreat Seminar - 'Femenine Empowerment Guided by Horses' Wisdom' 'A Life Transforming Coaching' 'Listening' to Horses and Becoming the ...Peaceful Leader of Our Life Reconnecting ourselves to our... Divine Dimension Re- Connecting to Our True Self 'Listening to ... 'What HORSES are ...WHISPERING' In Tenerife - Canary Islands - September 2012 Monday 17th to Friday 21st H . . . [More]

7 6/25/12 Tom and Judith's Grand Adventure Judith W.
Well, my dear friends, Our story unfolds. I did indeed lose my job, but not until after the birthday that made Tom eligible for Social Security. Thank you, Lord. I'm leaving out a great many details, but we moved to Orlando and decided to get married last December. Most of the budget went to flying all our kids in, so it was small and a very happy occasion. The bride wore red! Then Tom . . . [More]

8 5/19/12 The next Book Circle Project with Heal My Voice Andrea H.
Heal My Voice is an organization I started in Jan 2011. I was guided to form book circles with women leaders and then allow the steps to emerge to work with women in prison, domestic abuse shelters, middle schools, grief recovery centers and drug rehab transitional housing space. (Projects with women in prison are already happening. Connecting women who reside in prison with women who reside in . . . [More]

9 5/18/12 Conscious Choices book event May 23rd Joanna C.
Dear Evolutionary Women, I am preparing a talk about our book for our local library. Cara Michele and I are two of the speakers at a local authors showcase! Woo hoo! The book lives on! What fun. If you live in the area, or can be here next week, please come and SIGN BOOKS! Please register with the library and let me know you are coming. 05/23/12 7:00 PM Central Branch Local Autho . . . [More]

10 2/25/12 Creating Web Circles Martine D.
hello to each one of you ! From Martine D. In Tenerife I just suggest that we create links between our blogs, which is an easy way to: Spread the World so I suggest you become a member of my blog : http://womanhood-europe.blogspot.com/ and please send me yours! and If you do not understand everything, well just put on - your google barr translater Friendly! Martine


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