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1 1/17/13 Room for rent in lovely home, North San Marcos Rd Karen W.
Room available for rent at lovely location on North San Marcos Road. $1300 per month. All utilities are included except $50 for cable and internet. Home is located on 123 acres, with horses and organic vegetable farm. Women only. Also has a pool and jacuzzi. Receptive to a cat or small dog if friendly and house trained. First and last required with $300 security deposit. Available February 1 . . . [More]
2 10/13/08 The process of social change Bruce S.
3 10/13/08 The Field... Bruce S.
All of these converging forces, it seems, have something deeply in common -- something hard to name, hard to fit into a category. This morning, raking up the leaves around here, I came across a brochure sent to me recently, by a dialogue group near Stanford, working on Israeli-Palestinian relationships. We might say -- that the first step in transforming the spirit of culture is somethin . . . [More]
4 10/12/08 Are we soup yet? Jeanie D.
Dear Everyone, Re-membering what birthed this "Global Village", I'm brought back to the Adult Ed course in Spring 2007: "Creating the community you long to belong to". This was the description: There is hope. In a world seemingly trapped in imminent disaster, there is a way through. Together we can co-create experiences of community that call forth our deep potential to evolve. In a . . . [More]
5 10/12/08 Swan Lake as us... Ani A.
I went to bed, after a nice evening with Bruce and Swan Lake, last night asking my Inner Source, "What are the evolutionary markers of the Santa Barbara Global Village?" Then went to sleep. As I was awakening this morning, this is what came: In the Santa Barbara Global Village there is only ONE of us (In a multiplicity of diversity). Our minds are poised in silence, Our hearts are poised in . . . [More]
6 10/12/08 Swan Lake as us... Bonnie K.
Gosh Bruce I have such a lump in my throat... and thank you Ani for inviting him.. thank you for getting the tickets for the two of you so that the rest of us could partake in the fruits of your aftermath! I was imagining that: We are the characters in the creation of our version of Swan Lake. We are the creation creating itself. In the radiating sunshine of the genius of commnity...we becom . . . [More]
7 10/12/08 Swan Lake Bruce S.
For me -- this concept continues to grow. Santa Barbara Global Village. Something is coming. Maybe this is the idea we have held all this time -- about "anchoring the universal in the context of the particular" -- about being global while being local... There are so many forces driving this process. I've started to collect them. Maybe we need a formal way to do this -- collecting all th . . . [More]
8 10/11/08 Hello again.... Bonnie K.
Thanks Bruce for your great uplifting email...and reference to visiting with Ani. I like your public honoring of her and the intentional gathering of her multi-dimensional gifts into our basket of goodies... as we inform and affirm our consciously evolving template, or whatever we might call it. I love Santa Barbara Global Village... this rings so true. It is indeed a vortex here of energy.. . . . [More]
9 10/11/08 Hello again.... Bruce S.
Dear People -- Just a little hello from Santa Barbara, on a lovely Saturday morning.... There seems to be some growth in the air. The hummingbirds are showing up at my feeder, and the intense winds of last night have calmed down. I had a great conversation yesterday with Ani Ahavah -- and this "Global Village" idea -- just seems to be coming through.... Maybe it is time for someth . . . [More]
10 6/21/07 Room Available in Conscious Household Paige K.
House Share in Great Location with evolving Folk! Looking for the right person to share large three bedroom two bath, quiet house with two others in Cathedral Oaks and Patterson area. One large unfurnished room with two windows and high ceilings is available now. The house has a great yard, off street parking, large living room with fireplace, large kitchen, washer and dryer, cable an . . . [More]

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