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"The central being…is a portion of the Divine Self."
A Greater Psychology, An Introduction to Sri Aurobindo's Psychological Thought - Sri Aurobindo, edited by A. S. Dalal

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1 5/9/08 Collaborative Resonance Ram V.
Hi Bruce, Jonathan, et all, Intiguing opportunity indeed. Although some ground work needs to defined and put into place. Amazingly, in the same context I have received similar information from Andrew Cohen's Enlightenment Group as follows: .................................................................. Dear Friend, Are you tired of the same-old, same-old when it comes to spi . . . [More]
2 5/9/08 Collaborative Resonance Jonathan S.
Greetings Bruce, Thank you for sending this post about The Spirit of the World Project and collaborative resonance. I am interested in hearing more about this project. Peace, Jonathan --- On Fri, May 9, 2008, in msg263411, Bruce Schuman wrote ---
3 5/9/08 Resonant Angels Bonnie K.
I definitely definitely most assuredly positively, nothing is more important then this high calling of grace, intellect, gentleness, wisdom, awe and wonder PUT MY SELF INTO THIS VESSEL AS ONE OF THESE OFFICIAL ORACLE MEMBERS CALLED: Resonant Angel. I Bonnie do commit myself because it is my innate calling to formally volunteer to be one of the founding members, as a resonant angel...thoug . . . [More]
4 5/9/08 Collaborative Resonance Bruce S.
The Spirit of the World project is emerging as a vision of collaborative resonant spirituality. Some of us have been involved for years in projects that involve identifying the common ground shared among the religious and spiritual traditions of the world, or have been working to gather references and insights pertaining to the univer . . . [More]
5 3/17/08 Etheric Body of Terra Joann K.
Bruce: Sometimes I feel the presence of this "etheric body of Terra" -- something like a layer in the atmosphere, like a mantle of clouds -- that has risen like prayer, to form a protective sheath around this planet. JoAnn: She is Awakening…..stretching and beginning to blink Her eye open to see the rising dawn break bright across the horizon….gently She begins t . . . [More]
6 3/16/08 Angel Constance H.
Love the Angel;-)I'm an Angel collector. I search for old world Spanish colonial angels when in New Mexico. Any angel, makes my heart sing! LOVE! --- On Sun, Mar 16, 2008, in msg262652, Bruce Schuman wrote ---
. . . [More]
7 3/16/08 Etheric Body of Terra Bruce S.
Sometimes I feel the presence of this "etheric body of Terra" -- something like a layer in the atmosphere, like a mantle of clouds -- that has risen like prayer, to form a protective sheath around this planet. Contained within this sheath, as complex as the clouds -- are all the dreams and myths and prayers and visions that have emerged throughout global civilization -- the hopes for a be . . . [More]
8 3/16/08 Angel Bruce S.
9 3/11/08 Unfolding Bruce S.
Good morning. Just a couple of quick thoughts -- the first of which is -- thank you, JoAnn -- And secondly -- just to bring this into balance a bit -- yes, it is true that this project seems to be emerging rather suddenly, for who knows what specific reason. But the answer to that, I think we can say -- is that there ARE lots of creative and powerful forces out there now, questing for a . . . [More]
10 3/11/08 Spiritual Unity Project Joann K.
Bruce:….others may not see the advantage or need to organize "mere words" in such ambitious ways. Isn't this just about spirit and love, they might ask? JoAnn: Throughout the ages, spirit and love have manifested themselves through human speech. ‘Mere words’ have shaped the destinies of families, countries, institutions, faith traditions, and just about every other gro . . . [More]

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