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Listed by: Lavonne Rees
Date of event: Saturday, July 17, 2010
Location: Where ever you are
Address: Where your heart is, Where you are, Australia

UNITING ALL VOICES, HEARTS, AND MINDS for Healing the Gulf of Mexico

The response and support received for the first Unity Wave from so many selfless, dedicated people who have expressed a deep desire to heal the Gulf of Mexico on behalf of humanity and the planet has been overwhelming.

Large numbers of people in communities all over the world came together in a way closest to their own beliefs to form a huge wave of positive intention. Collectively we achieved this in our thoughts, our prayers and meditation but most importantly of all, in love and unity as the ambassadors of humanity

To strengthen the impact of our initial efforts with even greater numbers than before, a second wave of unity is on its way! As always, all people and communities are invited to join us and participate in the healing of the planet.

If you are new to Unity Wave, we welcome you with open arms and would like to share our enthusiasm and desire to bring about restoration to the Gulf. Unity Wave was born in recognition of the need for an unprecedented response to co-ordinate a world wide, synchronized outpouring of conscious intention to cleanse the Gulf oil spill and restore the area back to its natural beauty.

You can actively contribute by consciously holding your focused intention for the Gulf of Mexico. Together we will create a powerful group synergy... the Unity Wave.

Email contact: http://www.unitywave.com/index.html

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