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"Each of us is an individualized being with a particular focalization and center of pure self-awareness; each of us is a creature of energy and light emanating our own creative field."
Mandala - Jose and Miriam Arguelles

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In many mystical or interfaith contexts today, people are exploring ways to bring diverse groups together. Do religions and spiritual traditions point towards a common reality? Is there really "one God known by many names"? If there is "one truth", why is it that the religions of the world seem so diverse, and don't seem to agree on critical aspects? Why has there been so much religious warfare?

Through the resonance network, we are exploring ways that the ideals of interfaith cooperation and understanding can be "empowered in the spirit", by developing an approach to spirit and God that is not based on ideology or rigid belief systems, but on the living experience of spirit, and fundamental common practices that are found in almost every religious tradition. From this point of view, it's not what you "believe" -- it's who you are and what you do. It's the fruit of the spirit, it's what your religious faith and practice have made you, who you have become. It's your attitude.

Through the resonance network, we are exploring the idea that God is to be known through resonance. We believe that the mystical connection between human beings and the divine is mediated through resonance. It's "in the vibes". So, we are supposing that the religions of the world are all pointing towards a common "resonant core" that cannot be known or defined in terms of concepts, but is instead, "beyond words", and is knowable through experience and feeling and "fire".

In this sense, we are developing a kind of universal theology, based on virtues like humility and love and mutual respect -- taught by the founders of all religions -- and that through resonance, individual human beings can connect to the divine (in a "vertical" way), and at the same time, they can also connect to the divine center within every other human being (in a "horizontal") way

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