Bridge Across Consciousness
"I have never sought God in some far-off place, but within myself. It is in the depths of my own being that I commune with my God."
Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul - Bl. Sister M. Faustina Kowalska

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Bruce S.

Santa Barbara, California,
United States 93121

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NAIN - North American Interfaith Network
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Forum on Large-Scale Interfaith Networks
Shared Purpose System Group
Interfaith Center at the Presidio
MultiFaith Council of Northwest Ohio

A global movement has been emerging for 30 years or more. Perhaps this network can bring increasing cohesion and identity to this process.

My vision and beliefs:

Alliances and partnerships, new approaches to collaboration, building a unity of understanding across borders

Resonance, the power of circles, interfaith, unity of spirit


I have been feeling the call of this "Bridge" project for many years. So, it is exciting me to me to be feeling these ideas beginning to come together once more.

There is a lot to this, of course, but I would say -- that my essential motivation is to put together a creative research environment, where various "co-creative " influences, in the context of dialog, can help stimulate the development of some real solutions to some essential and core issues.

It seems to me that this question of "how to connect the dots" is critical to health of the human race. We need to learn how to do this -- for every human reason -- political, environment, economic, spiritual.

It's my instinct that we CAN do this. But we need teamwork, vital energy, creative force that is pollinated from many directions. I can feel it wanting to happen.

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