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"I feel sure in my bones there is no such thing as absolute evil, for evil is in essence only a dearth of good, a deficiency from certain viewpoints, a negative quality, a relative value....….Some might say a completely white page is purer and more perfect than one with many black marks upon it. But of course a pure page is also a blank page and worthless because it conveys no meaning."
Seven Mysteries of Life, An Exploration in Science and Philosophy - Guy Murchie

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Patricia B.

santa barbara, California,
United States

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I lived the painful life of an overeater from my teen years to well into early adulthood. Then, over 30 years ago I discovered the secret to regaining my power over food––not through deprivation, but as a way to enjoy eating and lose weight anyway. I proceeded to practice and perfect the principles I now write about in my book Freedom From Food which is a quantum weight loss approach and, today, I remain completely healed. In addition to reaching master-level proficiency in two energetic healing methods and maintaining a private practice in psychotherapy, I lecture, conduct media appearances, and lead classes and workshops on weight loss. I live, write and create my audio CDs in southern California. It is my deep desire to help woman who are suffering from this devastating problem.My website is

“Freedom From Food is a small masterpiece. It takes us into a deeper field of reality where thought creates and applies principles and practices to the most physical aspect of our lives. Demonstrating this “Quantum Weight Loss Approach” not only serves to regulate our bodies but also our whole lives. I recommend it to everyone.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

weight loss, dieting, therapist, EMDR,self awareness, consciousness,quantum physics, spirituality


yes I would like to join this as I feel that my book and what I am about is bridging science and consciousness as it relates to food.

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Science and Weight Loss Teleseminar Sept.14th
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