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"Looking at a circle is like looking into a mirror. We create and respond irresistibly to circles, cylinders, and spheres because we recognize ourselves in them. The message of the shape bypasses our conscious mental circuitry and speaks directly to the quiet intelligence of our deepest being. The circle is a reflection of the world's – and our own – deep perfection, unity, design excellence, wholenes, and divine nature."
A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe: The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art & Science - Michael S. Schneider

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Nisa K.

New Jersey,
United States 90000

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While I have acquired a scientific background, I have always sensed a spiritual presence, which I have been associating with my belief in righteousness and doing good for the world. Currently, my feeling is that many disciplines such as science, philosophy, psychology, religion will all be one at the highest level of spirit, and we will all be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and simple everything is. It is hard work to get there for us as humans. But, we are evolving ...

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