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"The 'chosenness' by God goes to all people." Azizah Y. al-Hibri, Founder of Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights'
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Bruce S.

Santa Barbara, California,
United States 93121

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NAIN - North American Interfaith Network
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Forum on Large-Scale Interfaith Networks
Shared Purpose System Group
Interfaith Center at the Presidio
MultiFaith Council of Northwest Ohio

A global movement has been emerging for 30 years or more. Perhaps this network can bring increasing cohesion and identity to this process.

My vision and beliefs: http://interspirit.net/spirit

Alliances and partnerships, new approaches to collaboration, building a unity of understanding across borders

Resonance, the power of circles, interfaith, unity of spirit


My introduction to spirituality and religion came initially through Paramahansa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi, which I read cover to cover something like 30 times back in the 1970's. I came close to knowing that book by heart.

I spent a number of years involved with Church Universal and Triumphant -- the "Teachings of the Ascended Masters" -- which taught me the basics of the world religions in a devotional interfaith context. I learned to experience "the truth of all religions" in an immediate and practical way.

In the years that followed, I built a variety of interfaith-related projects, including United Communities of Spirit, which I put on the internet in 1996. We put the entire 914-page content of World Scripture onto UCS, and that site is still running today, at http://origin.org/ucs/ws/ws.cfm

In 2002, I began building the Interspirit Network (the framework that supports LightPages), and through Interspirit, working with JoAnn Kite, we built a library of quotes on universal spirituality that now contains some 11,000 listings based on 700 high-quality references.

Today, through this "Unity" project, we are beginning to combine the quotes with World Scripture, in an ambitious new framework that is intended to support and document and illuminate an emerging new global spirituality.

Through LightPages, I am hoping to contact "groups and individuals everywhere" who are working in this direction, with the idea that together, we can create an inspiring and influential network that can help usher in a new global era of enlightened understanding.

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Spiritual Unity Project
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