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"The God-image is within….Where the understanding is, where the mind is, where the power of investigating truth is, there God has his image.' St. Augustine, 'Enarrationes in Psalmos', XLVIII, Sermo II"
Collected Works - Carl Jung

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Audrey A.

Santa Barbara, California,
United States 93101

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I am an International professional speaker, published writer, social entrepreneur, activist, grassroots organizer, visionary leadership trainer. I am most proud of being mother to two adult children and grand mom to 6 and about ten many others I have adopted in Africa.

I have worked in inner city areas teaching life skills, providing re entry services to people coming home from prison, offering business start up assistance and business management consulting services. I have a vision of what a healed America would be like. I want to be a part of the realization of this vision in my lifetime.

Just as America has led the way with materialism and dominating the external world, I believe America is called to lead the way in our inward search and in moving the planet from a material worldview to a shared spirituality.

The awakening of the planet and the healing of the Cosmos is my primary focus. I recently spent 17 months in East Africa where I spoke to audiences of over 1000 and +700 have completed my signature leadeshift course. We must find ways to come together, to re think how we occupy space together and to develop a new economic system that takes what it is good and useful from the current capitalistic system and construct a way forward that works for everyone, not just the few. This work also requires that we examine closely the intersection between science, religion, physics, politics and economics and honor each of these as integral parts of any new worldview. Finally, we need to develop a new world culture that is grounded in a shared spirituality and understanding that we are all connected, inter dependent and the future of the planet depends on our actions going forward.

New paradigm leadership training is my second area of focus. The new leadership models that are in the process of emerging and taking on form is based on co creation and rather than being top down or bottom up it is circular/horizontal. My work is to call for the brilliance, genius, creativity and genius within each human being. I desire to be a part of creating safe spaces for the co creation and cooperation of the marginalized worldwide. Finally, I am a teacher of metaphysics and for me, the understanding that I am a spiritual being having an earthly experience is crucial to my existence and to my work


I first reach Barbara Marx Hubbard book more than five years ago. I was blessed to be invited to her birthday party within weeks of arriving in Santa Barbara. She is a trail blazer, a prophet, a guru one of the greatest thinkers of our time. Her work via Conscious Evolution has influenced millions and has helped to raise the consciousness of the planet. We all owe her a debt of gratitude

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