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This network is intended for people with a professional or technical interest
in the theory of concepts and related topics -- such as semantic ontology, taxonomy, epistemology,
artificial intelligence and cognitive science. We look forward to your insights and participation!
Note: Pseudonyms and email aliases are available for participants who must maintain confidentiality. Please contact us.

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Penny M.

Newport Beach, California,
United States 92660

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Penny McManigal, Artist, Ambassador for Festival of Arts and Culture, Sofia 2010; International Artist for Peace and Transformation; Creator of Weaving The Dream!, worldwide interactive Project; painter; "Peace for our Children" presented to Gorbachev, Kremlin 1989 before Berlin Wall; lithographs and posters of same on every continent (including 10 Nobel Peace Laureates and "just folks everywhere"; attended 4th UN World Conference on Women (Beijing), lifetime as civic activist, is a Convener of the Millionth Circle Initiative and faculty member of Social Artistry, 2003.

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