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"Love goes on in the depth of our life, whether we notice or not." Kosuke Koyama, Japanese theologian
The Lion Christian Quotation Collection - Hannah Ward & Jennifer Wild, compilers

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SĀ“ace G.

castricum, noord holland,
Netherlands 1901 KD

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in 2006 i became a bivid, a sortr of a new wor(l)d that catalyzes my personal meaning for the existence to guide my response to life; in the first week of januar 2007 this pivoted to the word bioVoid.

Again the word bioVoid has no meaning however invites me to receive energy and get meaning from the messenger in order to understand what happened on the blank sheet.

bio :: represents the sensoric realm / quantum / field V oid :: represents the telepathic realm / quantum / field

"bio" aligns to the Father, understanding this as the Masculine Principle - the Yang Hemisphere / principle

"oid" aligns to the Mother, understanding this as the Feminine Principle - the Yin Hemisphere / principle

V aligns to the Child: "the Child First" said my friend Antonio these days ... Again, understanding this is famly life for the Childs need for a Dynamic Field in especially th first 4 years (0-3) of existence - when the child lives in the Family-Womb. To this THoughT is aligned the idea that Each Day / Week / Moon / Year / Leap / etc. Cycle has an End and a New Beginning, a Blank Sheet for Listening ...

My Dream
well - i selected a photo that imagines a dream - is it a magician or a white whirlwind transforming the whole to the peace and ease we actually are ... willing to express ... day by day i experience this dream with YaniQ a wonderful woman that came into my Life and she is some how attracted to the crypts i encrypt & decrypt as if i am ... breathing ... with anyone else - why not - we can try to find our mutual fields too ...

The Human Being and The Fruit of the Human Being - which brought me to the interestfield of time and how we exchange energy & information. Language and the Language of (Y)our time is impulsing my body which catalyzes my understanding for the beauty of my catalyzing body and the development of my mutual educated mind, my "mem", my germ-principle that simply makes me a "mem-bare" / member. i web-master some blogs ... http://interdependenteconomy.blogspot.com/ http://integraldemocracy.blogspot.com/ http://preparingpeople.blogspot.com/

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