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Welcome! Please join our community to build a field of unity that will nurture the earth's waters!

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Lavonne R.

Long Beach, California,
United States

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I love to laugh, I will cry with you, I will show you unconditional love and support.

I started studying Holistic Health for my own self care, after the loss of many loved ones including my spouse and mother. I have been walking down this path of self discovery and acceptance for the last 14 years.

I am a Seeker, Listener and a Witness. During my journey I recognized a need among women to share, be supported, and be unconditionally accepted for who they are. Each Spring and Fall I plan and faciliate a retreat to areas like Sedona, AZ, Idyllwild and Mt.Shasta California wherever I am called. Each retreat is different depending on the women that are drawn to attend. It is my blessing to help women evolve to their greatest potential. Mostly we co-create a sacred space where each women can be there authentic selves and if they don't know what that is (as many of us don't) we explore our wildest inspiriation and what we aspire to be when we grow up. I always add in some self-care massages, Reiki or just a bubble bath what ever the womens mind, body and souls are open too. We share in ceremonies such as Drum Circles and Water Blessings.

What draws me here is Women, I am in awe of them and all they can do and I love to hear each of her stories. I gather strength, wisdom and clarity. I am proud to walk forward hand in hand,shoulder to shoulder with my head held high down the yellowbrick road to OZ where all of our dreams come true!

Ceremony, Water Healing, Unconditional Love and Support for all of Humanity.


I'll start by sharing my story about how I came to be so passionate about water. I believe I came into my adult world as a left brain thinker, very analytical. It wasn't until life circumstances brought me back into the reality of the Sacred Feminine that I began to balance my left and right brain activities. I started Holistic classes and became an energy healer. From there I started facilitating Women's retreats for other Women who felt out of balance. After my first real retreat I was driving home from Sedona, and I started speaking about Dolphins (why in the middle of the desert only divinity knows). I started speaking about how they had a message to share with us. Imagine myself and the shock speaking these words that I had no idea where they were coming from, while in my "other" world I might be considered a little crazy for speaking. However, my body's response was excited, and it knew I had to follow the awareness into action. For my next birthday I went to Kauai, out in the waters and received a message telepathically from a spinner Dolphin. He (or she) did a beautiful Dance about 20 feet from me. Our gaze met at eye level, and I received the message that I was to send my energy work back into the water to assist with her healing. From that day forward I started ceremonies and finding every way to complete that action. Over the years I have come across others with this passion and about 9 months ago felt a desire to bring all of us together, yet allow us to keep to our authentic paths and purposes. So here I am. I believe I am a bridge connector, a weaver of sorts. That is my story


What is your practice for blessing our water?
I have several ceremonies and personal practices around water. My favorite is to share how simple a water blessing can be. I challenge even the largest nay sayer to do a simple test. I ask them to take a sip of water from a glass and then take that same glass and praise, sing, send love what ever positive they connect with. Then I ask them to sip the water and compare the difference. The difference is palpable and the water has made them a believer. I have a glass container that sits out and every time I walk by or see it I spend a moment sending love, gratitude and joy. It's amazing especially on the tough days how much better I feel afterward. I use this water in many ways , I water my plants, I cook with it, I use it in ceremony during the new Moon and the Full Moon. I keep a small amount aside and refill the container to continue the circle of love. Of course I love the energy that one feels when we connect on a Global level, I am in gratitude when I can show up at water edge with like minded people and bless the waters. I love to really expand my heart and vision about what I want for our waters and mother earth. It brings focus and clarity beyond words. Lately I have been inspired to sing and hum every time I water my plants. It was a great avocado tree who first brought this out in me. I feel it was a reminder to bless the waters as I feed them nourishment, that it magnifies the love I have for them and their growth and love for me.

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