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I am the founder of Reciprocal Science, the philoshophy, psychology and physics of unity, action and relationship. I've written three books, "Chocolate & Physics; a love story by me", "Elements of Existence" and it's companion book, "Life Design". At this time "Elements" and "Life Design" are only available through contact with me. One of my desires is to see these works published and available world-wide. Reciprocal Science is crucial to the great shift of meaning in the heart of the Human-we because it answers the question "How is life happening?". The answers flowing from this question naturally point out the new pathways of meaning available to us and the 'how tos' for intentional shifting of personal and collective focus. We will find our way, we will evolve together into the next great chapter of our continuing story. We'll do this together because that's what we're already doing. Freedom, peace and Mother Love are our new guides and signposts. Welcome, welcome,welcome.

Changing the world with collective consensus. Please view the Max Trinity Videos on youtube. Just enter 250boycott (all one word) in youtube search bar or paste the address below in your browser bar Max Trinity

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