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Rhonda H.

Port Townsend, Washington,
United States

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My personal life and career have overlapped and I have many experiences and training that have carried me from womb to tomb. I have been a childbirth educator and doula, have my Masters in Early Childhood Education, my Doctorate in Psychology, trained as a hypnotherapist, was a Marriage and Family Counselor, officiate at weddings and other meaningful celebrations, have been involved in hospice, authored a book on happiness, have been deeply motivated by the evolution of consciousness, and involved in the empowerment of women and children. I am a Renaissance soul, visionary catalyst, a curious and creative one who treasures her daughters, three grandsons, and soon to be born grand daughter.

My Dream
My dream is that we all create and willingly participate in a conscious and loving way of being with one another. I dream we choose being happy over being right, own and learn from our mistakes, dare to be all that we are, and live with deep compassion and easy forgiveness with one another. I dream that women, including myself, transform our limiting beliefs about money, our sense of worth, and sooner rather than later fully step authentically into who we are. My dream is to be clear and confident, discerning what is mine to do and showing up as a balanced human being/human doing. My dream is to be conscious, live present moment, and love my kids and grandkids to my highest and best, accepting them as they are meant to be. My dream is that we embrace a shared leadership and connect authentically in mutual support of the highest and best for all. My dream is to expand the abundance of my life, surrounded by dear friends, open the flow of money and opportunities seeing the joy in all that I do.

I love building meaningful relationships and memorable experiences. I long for the alchemy of the masculine and feminine strengths to generate a new and inclusive form of leadership. I love the magic that happens when women awaken to their magnificence. I love being a grandma, living in the present moment, conscious risk taking and exploration of all the incredible things life offers. I love to experience new things and create joy for others. I love noticing simple joys and gain so much when I open myself to being a bridge-person for others. I love traveling, being in nature and stillness, and love a view of the water.


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