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Abdul Hameed J.

Scarborough, ON,
Canada m1j3c6

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Biography of Abdul Hameed Jawad Address 1615-225 Markham Rd Scarborough ON – M1J3C6- Canada Cell: 0014168267113 Bank: TD Canada trust Branch No: 0329 Account No: 79286607351 Account Type: value acct Swift code: TDOMCATTTOR 682Markham Road Scarborough ON – M1H2A7 Canada

Abdul Hameed was born on 1975, at Parwan Afghanistan. He did learn primary education through his province. In 1981 Jawad joined Kafshan School but due to the security crisis and the continuous land and aerial strikes by the Russian forces and the local communists, he was forced to flee the country. In 1985 Jawad together with his family migrated into Pakistan, and in one Afghan refugee’s camp, called Khorasan camp near Peshawar city, they chose to settle. In the same year Jawad joined the school of Abdar Rahman Jami, as he was much interested to learn languages. Later he joined Madrasa Emam Abu Hanifa and passed class 9th in 1990.In 1992 Jawad joined Khalid bin Walid College, it was at the end of this year that the communist regime was shattered, and with happiness Jawad, together with his family, returned to his native abode. Soon after Kabul city was set on political fire, and its flames reached to the rest of Afghanistan, so after a short while Jawad with many problems and hardship managed to return into Pakistan and continued his education. In 1993 he passed a teachers’ college, (Mahat Al Aali Letarbia islamia), which prepared him with knowledge in connection to religion, politics and sociology. Despite many problems, Jawad continued study and learn, and after the entry test he paved his way towards the Islamic University for Science and Technology. Jawad passed the department of Political Sciences in 1996. During this period, Jawad was troubled with the crisis in Afghanistan; situations, religions, languages and racial problems/differences prevailed in the country. Always Jawad was talking regarding launching a new peaceful movement which was both favored and opposed in different corners. Jawad, with a worldwide sorrow regarding the critical aiding in Afghanistan, was of the opinion that without education it would not be possible to establish a sound foundation politically, therefore he started on a series of educational and political activity in 1997.Jawad embarked on teaching and book keeping in the high school of Habibia and also commenced teaching part-time in the schools of Abu Ali Scene and Rabia Balkhi, free of charge. Almost day and night Jawad was visiting educational and training courses situated at the various Afghan refugees’ camps. Besides this activity hundreds of orphans were introduced into various orphanages and as far as possible he looked after them. During the period of this activity, Jawad faced many problems created by the leftist and rightist parties, however, through patience and stability all the problems were solved and he achieved his aim of educating young people. Continuously Jawad participated in political, social and educational action. His aim was to establish the Afghan Muslim Youth Peace Seeker Organization, but doing such without a center of operations was not possible. It was for this very reason that in 1998 Takharistan School and Aisha Sadiqua were established, and lecturers of Afghanistan University who fled their country were teaching these two schools. Jawad was the director and teacher in these two High Schools. The Afghan Muslim Peace Seeker Youth Organization was established under the presidency of Jawad in 1998.As soon as the union was established; a great number of youth voluntarily acquired membership of this organization and established training clubs, courses, conferences and seminars. After the Youth Organization was established social and political activity launch simultaneously. All expenses were met through membership payment, sales of publications-papers, magazines, tickets of training clubs and fees of pupils. On 3/3/2000, Jawad established the magazine “Thakapu” (“The Search”), a publication of the Youth Organization. This magazine was partnered with another similar magazine, “Samar”. They covered education, political, social and economic related subjects. In 2001, after 9/11, Jawad moved his organization and family back to Kabul, Afghanistan, to serve his country better and provide more activities. In 2002, when regulations governing non-profit organizations were developed, Jawad registered the Youth Organization with the Justice Ministry of Afghanistan and the magazines with the Cultural Ministry of Afghanistan. Also in 2005, when laws governing political parties were passed, Jawad started the Wisest People’s Party of Afghanistan. He found educated and wise people to join the party and run for political offices. All of them had been peaceful people and had not been involved in the civil war. It was an important time in Afghanistan because leaders could start free political activity. After three decades of war, this was a good chance for the people who wanted the country to be run by elected politicians. Jawad wanted to help Afghanistan develop through peace, not through war. The party’s goal was to develop education and strong community relationships. Jawad believes Islam is a moderate and tolerant religion, not an extremist one, so he wanted a moderate Islamic government for Afghanistan, as a Muslim country. The party makes the well-being of youth, women, healthcare, human rights, education, and respectful international relations with neighboring countries their priorities. Also in 2005, Jawad started a magazine, “Nokhba”, which was registered with the Cultural Ministry. The Wisest People’s Party published their goals through this magazine. This magazine helped to pay for the costs of running the party, as well as donations, membership fees and tickets for events. From 1999 to today Jawad participated in National and international conferences, and has traveled into several countries. He was involved with the political activity of the Afghan people for more than 20 years. Jawad has been used as an analyst for central Asia and the Middle East, and he is knowledgeable about religions and Islamic organizations all over the Middle East and central Asia. Jawad has studied and earned certificates in Peace Building, Religion, Leadership computers, Conflict Resolution, and Diversity. He is in favour of friendly relations between the people of all corners of Afghanistan, friendly relations with all countries, particularly between neighbouring countries and respects the sovereignty of all nations. Jawad speaks Persian, Pashto, Arabic, English and Urdu, Jawad respects all parties provided they are not against Islamic values or national interests. To have sheltered the present problems and lack of national strategy, politically, economic and social, Jawad seeks on organized movement comprised of all parties. He avoids government jobs because he does not want to take a side. He supports a strong federal government and a strong presidency. He also promotes the investigation of human rights crimes and illegal activities during the civil war, and promotes the punishment of government officials who take bribes. As he is the founder and the president of Canadian Muslim Youth Federation, he wants to give and reveal the reality of Islam to North Americans, that Islam is the religion of peace, tolerance and moderation.

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