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"All [mystics] have the same message about that very thing which no soul can utter; the immediate experience of God."
The Soul Afire, Revelations of the Mystics - H. A. Reinhold, editor

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From: Bruce S.
Date: Thursday, February 28, 2008, 8:54 AM
Subject: Spirit, Science and the System
Reply to: 262436
ID: 259890

Just wanted to add a few comments on this theme introduced by the AGNT conference flyer for 2008.

The phrase -- "The Evolution of Revolution" -- and then "Shining Dawn's Early Light on Spirit, Science, and the System" --

I love that. It's great.

Maybe some of you know that Barbara Fields is the Executive Director of AGNT -- and it was Barbara, way back in 1995, who created the name for our project, "United Communities of Spirit". Barbara lives here in Santa Barbara. I have to say hi to her again, and tell her how interesting this seems -- and maybe tell her a little bit about what we have been doing....

Spirit, Science, and the System....

Spirit -- deep intuition, very "broadband", very "gestalt" -- holistic thinking, includes everything, critical to our destiny, hard to ground and stabilize as regards particulars...

Science -- solid method, high control over specifics, testable, reproducible, reliable -- but very "context free", "locally independent", weakly linked to other related elements, because "the bridge" remains blurry...

System -- the formal but still mostly blurry vision of how the pieces fit together -- the role of engineering, the actualization of scientific method, perhaps under the guidance of inspired spirit --

System is the key, some would say. Make the system big enough, and inclusive enough, to embrace and incorporate everything human beings are doing or can conceive -- and make it precise enough so that human being together can affect and guide our collective future....

The System -- I say "the system is cybernetic" -- or can and should be.

That's really where this is all going -- in this fabulous internet context -- the system that ACTUALLY connects everything together....

We are going to combine everything known in spirit, with everything known in science, in a cybernetic system for the "self-control of global civilization".

What we might call "resonant electronic democracy" -- a huge homeostatic self-control/self-stabilization network that self-regulates the interactions of the collective human organism -- perhaps pulsed into coherence by a kind of resonant signal like OM -- that contacts every point in the grid, and offers a iterative relaxation towards perfect convergence....

Get on the wave-length with that signal -- yes, of course, it's a free-will thing, the rebels will always be with us -- and that's probably good for creativity (we need the "friction" to keep us sharp) -- and this vast semi-confused cacophony called global civilization can begin to get into coherence with itself.

Of course, we have the intuitive action-at-a-distance precursors -- the Maharishi effect, the Roger Nelson experiments at Princeton -- the interconnectivity between all souls, knowable (some would say) through deep intuition. But we also have the potential for actual interconnectivity -- the direct person-to-person linkage that is emerging in a million ways today through electronics.

Of course, this is utopian thinking of the most ambitious sort. But it seems feasible. The elements are coming together. Why not dream the perfect dream. It's the essence of this "evolution of revolution". This process of discovery -- is fantastic....

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