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From: Bruce S.
Date: Friday, February 29, 2008, 12:18 PM
Subject: Forum on Conceptual Structure
ID: 259907

This morning, I was beginning to assemble an initial library of essential readings, probably all taken from Wikipedia -- on a few core themes, such as taxonomy, ontology and semantics. And then, it just so happened that I got an email message from a Computer Science professional at a university, who had read a paper I wrote (years ago), and who found it interesting (The Universal Hierarchy of Abstraction). This is somewhat unusual, since I wrote this paper almost fifteen years ago, and despite being on the internet all this time, I seldom get a comment -- it seems to be a little too original and revolutionary.

So, I set aside for the moment this business of putting together a bibliography, and set up a special and dedicated forum system here on LightPages, just to consider these aspects

Creating a dedicated system for this topic might help bring the discussion into focus, since this Bridge framework is concerned with a very broad array of factors, and the conceptual structure material tends to be very "left brain".

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