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"This One is…not merely the Reality of all that is, but also a living and personal Object of Love."
Mysticism - Evelyn Underhill

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From: Joann K.
Date: Tuesday, March 11, 2008, 6:11 AM
Subject: Spiritual Unity Project
Reply to: 262573
ID: 260032

Bruce:….others may not see the advantage or need to organize "mere words" in such ambitious ways. Isn't this just about spirit and love, they might ask?

JoAnn: Throughout the ages, spirit and love have manifested themselves through human speech. ‘Mere words’ have shaped the destinies of families, countries, institutions, faith traditions, and just about every other group you can think of. Words have the power of changing a life for the better in an instant, and words have preserved for us the precious knowledge and insight of our ancestors down through the ages. Words energize. Words create. Words resonate…..words have a lot of good things going for them, given half a chance.

Bruce: reinforcing this love with the intellectual/conceptual side of human nature seems to be an important aspect of the way human beings understand these things.

JoAnn: When we truly Know that every World Scripture teaches spirit and love…..when we truly see that thousands of our sisters and brothers through all times and places have intuitively brought forth teaching about the Energetic Framework of this Love, how it can best manifest, and how we can each do our part to maximize the flow of this Divine Love……well, when we realize the massive documentation behind the flow of even our most obscure act or thought of love, then we are empowered to shine forth this true Spirit with greater clarity and understanding. It brings a hearty fervor to our service in Love and Spirit when we couple this Spirit with our God-given minds and read the map that has been provided for us to express this Love in the most efficiently wise way we can. We are spirit AND mind, and to utilize our human/divine gifts in the best possible way, we must exercise each aspect of our being. Not only must we love in spirit, naturally, intuitively, like a child hugging a kitten, but we must also embrace the intellectual/conceptual side of this Energy and define and explain it in clear terms and ideas.

Bruce: We all rely on "book learning" to some degree. So, we can simply say, yes, "the map is not the territory" -- and this project, so far, is merely about maps.

JoAnn: No, the ‘map is not the territory’, and yet the map can show us where we are on our journey and point us in the direction we must go to reach our goal. The map can show us where others have travelled the same route of life, and have found their destination in fully realized Love and Light. The map can show us in clear and succinct outlines the Plan of it All, and our place in it…..and the map has been drawn not only from intellectual/conceptual words and ideas, but also from the simple, heartfelt statements of our fellow human beings throughout the ages…..and from deeper levels, this map is being drawn by the Hand of our One World Soul to guide us within our present journey through fragmentation and disunity, back into harmony and understanding cooperation……drawn from thousands of voices and hundreds of scriptures, the cream of the crop of integral, intuitive in-sight.

Bruce: And this approach -- "co-creative map-making for a new global civilization" -- is an important undertaking.

JoAnn: Yes…..very important…..It’s time has come, and there’s no stopping it now. This map truly comes from the inner Wisdom of us All, coming together now when most needed to heal our wounds and divisions………when so many worthy scriptures and individuals are saying the same One thing, it’s surely time to listen. The answers to all our questions lie within these collected wise words.

Loving you All in the One,


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