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"From top to bottom of the series of beings, everything is in motion, everything is raising itself, organizing itself in a single direction, which is that of the greatest consciousness."
The Vision of the Past - Pierre Teilhard deChardin

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From: Bruce S.
Date: Sunday, March 16, 2008, 2:09 PM
Subject: Etheric Body of Terra
ID: 260094

Sometimes I feel the presence of this "etheric body of Terra" -- something like a layer in the atmosphere, like a mantle of clouds -- that has risen like prayer, to form a protective sheath around this planet.

Contained within this sheath, as complex as the clouds -- are all the dreams and myths and prayers and visions that have emerged throughout global civilization -- the hopes for a better world, the archetypical heroes and mythic figures of our highest dreams...

All of that, I sometimes feel -- is out there -- protecting us, nurturing us -- calling to us through our instinct for prayer...

I like this angel -- that Hillary sent to us a year or more ago. This angel -- seems to embody that atmosphere, that softness or nurturing protection, that keeps us safe, heals us, holds our world together as we evolve through our tests and creativity...


This collective energy that is arising around the world -- it takes so many different shapes and specific forms. Yet it is like this atmosphere, this mantle of clouds.

It feels to me -- as though there is guidance in this energy. It is leading us forward. It is emerging in the experience of millions of people, who are under its influence, and responding.

One thing we are doing today -- is recognizing this spirit -- and gathering ourselves together through it. All the heroes of myth are speaking to us through it. The prayers of 1,000 traditions are shaping it. We are called into it....

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