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"The time has now come when the different religious traditions, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Moslem, etc., which have grown up separately with little contact with one another, have to meet in a dialogue."
Christ in India: Essays Towards a Hindu-Christian Dialogue - Bede Griffiths

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From: Ram V.
Date: Friday, May 9, 2008, 9:24 PM
Subject: Collaborative Resonance
Reply to: 263426
ID: 260865

Hi Bruce, Jonathan, et all,

Intiguing opportunity indeed. Although some ground work needs to defined and put into place. Amazingly, in the same context I have received similar information from Andrew Cohen's Enlightenment Group as follows:


Dear Friend,

Are you tired of the same-old, same-old when it comes to spiritual paths that offer self-improvement techniques you already tried a decade ago?

Are you passionate about changing the world but feel it's too Herculean a task unless you can plug into some kind of unimaginable, inexhaustible power source?

Are you longing for community and connection with people who are really lit up and doing something with their lives?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, there are two things you should know.

You are not a dreamer You're not the only one At EnlightenNext we recognize that there are vast numbers of us, people like you and me, who are moved by the same yearnings: to be part of something of ultimate importance and meaning.

Now I am writing to invite you to become an Evolutionary by adding your voice to a dynamic and developing conversation. Why?

To connect Evolutionaries—that means all of us who are passionately interested in transforming human consciousness and culture, who want to help build a new moral and spiritual ethic that meets the real complexity of our twenty-first century times To empower all of us by illuminating the principles and practice of an awakened perspective

Register here to become an Evolutionary—it's free and it's simple: http://www.enlightennext.org/universeproject

Most people have experienced the extraordinary thrill of real teamwork, of being carried by something greater, of thinking as one—whether it's in a focused business group or on a sports team. Everyone knows that that magic happens when each individual puts themselves aside for a higher common aim. But usually that happens with a specific goal. To solve a particular problem. Win a tournament. Respond to a natural disaster.

What if that level of teamwork, cooperation, and individuality was the way you interacted all the time? What if that unleashed thrill and unexpected creativity permeated everything you did? What if you actually understood the mechanics of what enables that spirit to emerge—and what didn't? And what if it was something you could share with many, many others?

Coming together beyond ego is not just so we can find some particular solution to a specific problem together. It is so we can be different, live differently, and create a radically new culture and future together. How? Through transformation at the deepest and highest level there is, at the level of consciousness itself.

This kind of transformation needs as many of us as possible.

Interested? Find out more about becoming an Evolutionary, about what you can do to experience a renewed connection with the creativity of the life process, and about the steps you can take to live from that source, not just in life's rare moments of epiphany, but as your daily context and perspective.

Take the first step and register as an Evolutionary. It's free and simple. When you visit the link below and become an “Evolutionary,” you'll receive a weekly email inviting you to join a weekly conference call and webcast and other benefits including two instant MP3 downloads of special highlighted programs. (The first is a recording of a penetrating talk given by Andrew Cohen about what he sees as the next step in the evolution of consciousness, and the second is a fascinating follow-up discussion with Barbara Marx Hubbard.)

Register as an Evolutionary today: http://www.enlightennext.org/universeproject Thank you,

Jeff Carreira EnlightenNext, Director of Education ...............................................

In terms of stream-lining required between these two pieces of collaborative effort; Bruce's enthusiasm could be quite helpful.

Would be interested to explore participation in such a great work at the world-at-large societical level.

Look forward to knowing more toward such a great opportunity to reconnect in a bigger way indeed....

With Love......Ram

--- On Fri, May 9, 2008, in msg263426, Jonathan Stemer wrote ---

Greetings Bruce,

Thank you for sending this post about The Spirit of the World Project and collaborative resonance. I am interested in hearing more about this project.



--- On Fri, May 9, 2008, in msg263411, Bruce Schuman wrote ---


The Spirit of the World project is emerging as a vision of collaborative resonant spirituality.

Some of us have been involved for years in projects that involve identifying the common ground shared among the religious and spiritual traditions of the world, or have been working to gather references and insights pertaining to the universal principles of spirit. In our "Quotes and References" section, we have gathered up more than 11,000 quotations, taken from 750+ classical reference texts, on subjects pertaining to "Oneness" or "Circle" or "Center", or many other related topics.

See http://globalresonance.net/quotes.cfm for one link to this material.

And years ago, we put the entire 914-page text of "World Scripture" on the Internet, which you can review at


Today, we are beginning to compile this information, into a single "resonant" framework -- which we believe could provide a kind of highly refined and indisputably authentic spiritual guidance, for an emerging global culture that is seeking to establish itself on the eternal principles of Spirit, but which cannot become "parochial", or "slanted" towards any one cultural or historical tradition.

One idea that has been emerging -- is that it might be possible to convene a kind of "network of resonant angels" -- who might work with this material -- helping gather and organize and interpret it -- in ways that could be linked over the internet as a source of guidance and insight for a world hungry for authenticity and grace.

Could we conceive a kind of "resonant oracle" -- based on everything known about spirit, and mediated through a sweet and compassionate personal resonance and grace? Perhaps it will become possible for the eternal and simple truths of spirit to guide the world into its own highest destiny, as informed by everything known about spirit, and mediated and assisted through kindness and a caring human touch...



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