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From: Judith O.
Date: Monday, May 11, 2009, 10:41 AM
Subject: Message from Spirit for Mother's Day
ID: 267884

"Dearest Judith: We are delight as always to communicate with you especially on this day of honouring of Motherhood. With each passing of this celebration, there is an awareness that is sparked in the consciousness of humankind and this particular celebration, because of the alignment of so many different energies and aspects (full moon and Wesak), is particularly anchoring the love and honour of the Mother for herself - not from her children, grandchildren, husband or family, but for herself - to sit in contemplation and admiration for the amazing role she has played in so many lives and to forgive herself for any perceived mistakes.

This is a collective happening this day that will enable women who have been self-deprecating and critical to have the opportunity to just let it go and transmute the energy of having done something wrong or not having been good enough. This is a very critical element of human evolution as it is the women who need to love and honour themselves to lift the vibration of your planet.

As that happens individually, it is exponentialized in the collective and reverberates in all of the multi-dimensions which then sparks and pours back down to earth like golden rain to nurture and feed the love, peace and harmony that is expanding in the energy field of your earth. It is the awareness of the Divine Feminine and the receptivity of anchoring it on the earth that is being facilitated by women knowing who they, honouring who they are. and stepping into their empowerment, that is what is at hand in this moment, this day.

The Divine Feminine is creating the balance on your earth not only in the shift of power but within each of you - male or female, child or adult, wise or unaware. It is happening and you can embrace it in yourselves and give it more acceleration to create heaven on earth, within and without, above and below, and ALL around!

We leave you now with love in our hearts for all the Mothers who have born EVERY human to this moment in time and beyond."

In love and service, Your Council of Light U.S. (United Souls of Heaven and Earth)

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