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From: Ann S.
Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2010, 5:03 AM
Subject: Healing Waters Ceremony Today
ID: 270091

Dear Members, Please join us today in a planetary waters healing ceremony by praying in your local waterways, at the ocean, rivers, lakes or streams. Or pray with a bowl of water in the middle of your yard or community. See today's blog for photos of the Indigenous Grandmothers who are calling for a massive global effort that will take place today all around the world, May 18th.


OUR MOTHER EARTH NEEDS YOUR HELP! Along with many peoples all around the globe, and many water prayers this spring, the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers are calling for a MASSIVE GLOBAL EFFORT. Our main intention for this healing is to return the waters to their original pure crystalline blueprint, and to add to their abundance for the nourishment of ALL living things on the planet.

"We are Water Babies. Do not to forget to say thank you every day for the water you drink, the water you bathe in. Without our Mother water we would not survive." Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Takelma Siletz, Oregon

For more information about this Global Effort go to

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