Forum on Conceptual Structure From: Bruce Schuman
Date: Thursday, March 8, 2012
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Good morning.

Interesting to see a couple of applications for this very dormant discussion group on Conceptual Structure. It's been a long time, with a lot of activity going on other domains. But it might be very exciting to gear up some energy around this theme.

Over the years, it's been tough to find people who can actually handle the conversation. Psychology, philosophy, AND hard-edged engineering? It's a small demographic. So, let's not try too hard.

Here's a link to something I think is very powerful -- kind of in the Ken Wilber genre, but a little tighter.

The right brain / left brain map. Holistic simultaneity meets linear sequence. Planning meets action. Graphics meet alphabets...

(ever read "The Alphabet Versus the Goddess", by Leonard Shlain? A brilliant book by a head of neurosurgery who gets it).

Here's a picture:

And here's an emerging wiki -- loaded for bear, not quite completely user-friendly.

But wikipedia has changed the game for complex design research. This Bridge wiki links to hundreds of wikipedia citations that review just about everything known on epistemology and semantics and category theory. It's amazing how good and clear most of that stuff really is.

Everything we can draw from intuition and the great visionaries, everything we can draw from the best analysts -- and put the two together, and co-create a synthetic/holistic/integral unity.

- Bruce

PS, if you are wondering why you got this email, it's because you subscribed to this network some time ago. Peace.