Water Convergence From: James Smallwood
Date: Sunday, July 28, 2013
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We are 80% water. Water is conscious, it holds memory and can be re-programmed. Keep focusing on your breath, just notice the sensations of your breath at the nostrils, this is a good anchor, it will help quiet the mind, experience the experience of no thought arising, get into that place of no-thought, now able to listen and hear the voice inside, this "heart chamber" is the Abode of Awakening, in your Heart, this is also the voice of nature, the Mother Earth, all that is, it is your voice, your Truth, listen and always do what it tells you. I learned this from the 10-day Vipassana courses taught by S.N. Goenka, and from don Miguel Ruiz, the exercise of Recapitulation, unhooking the mind, unhooking our identity from the mind.

Once the mind is out of the way, then your thoughts, like the clouds have moved away from the sun, now we can see what was always there, what we are, this Luminous Presence which is Totally Awake, and this Earth also as a magnificent Luminous Presence which is Totally Awake, and all beings and all things are this Luminous Presence which is Totally Awake.

My work is all about water. healing and prayer ceremonies for water. Providing water for food. Global water. Water is the Creator out of which everything made manifest is born.