Water Convergence From: James Smallwood
Date: Sunday, July 28, 2013
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Prayer for Water

I found you one early afternoon Glistening off the shivering back Of a morphing dragonfly. In that Moment I saw every past, every Present, and every future.

It was you who birthed Jesus from Mary, and cooled the brow of Of Judas. It was you who brought Odysseus to the shores Mysia, And you who brings me the gift Of tears and LovingKindness.

Water, you have been here since The beginning. Maybe it is you we Call “God”. If ever I have failed, I failed to honor you with my Reverence and Protection.

You are the blood of leaves and The snows of winter. This time Now, we are here to send you Our prayers, to bring you our Hearts, our drums and voices; Our Sacred Blessings for the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine.

In our ignorance and self absorption We caused you great harm. We Poisoned you almost beyond repair, And in our haste we forgot you are So very precious, and so very limited.

Water, we ask that you forgive us. We bring you this Blessing with Our common prayer for your Healing.

We come together in LovingKindness, As one Luminous Presence united With good will and our word that We vow to protect and preserve you, And to help heal you, for ever and ever.


James Smallwood Santiago 12/20/12