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From: Bonnie Kelley
Date: Saturday, August 26, 2006, 8:13 AM
Subject: tuning into our beloved field of awareness
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---- On Sat, Aug 26, 2006, Bonnie Kelley wrote ---

Bonnie Kelley here... I posted a message yesterday but for some reason it never showed up. I wanted to say that I have been mostly traveling here and there to visit my family and babysit my granddaughter since our retreat together, and all the while the amazing force of our field is EVERPRESENT in my heart. I'm grateful to Lucky for sending that wonderful note to announce our reunion call on Tuesday night, West Coast time 6PM, I hope some of you can join us. It's exciting seeing the emails from Ann, Sage, Heather and others, and I bet many who haven't checked in by email are "checked in" in non-linear ways. Loving you all dearly, Bonnie