Standing Women

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From: Ram Varma
Date: Monday, February 11, 2008, 4:24 PM
Subject: Preparing for the next Love Radiance Experience
Reply to: 262304
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Hi Jonathan, et all,

Thanks Jonathan, for sharing your as well as Owen Waters wisdom of interconnectedness through heart/spirit inspired music, selfless service (according to one's own unique talents) and letting-go (of the outcomes of actions performed). What a beautiful natural combination; being natural with the Nature. What an effortless struggle-free experience of the Self meeting/existing in the Self as the Self..the core meeting the core as the core....!!!

I am somewhat amazed at the timing to receive a similar authentic email message just now from Andrew Cohen as follows:


The Purpose of Spiritual Experience

Ideally, our orientation to life should change as a result of deep spiritual experience. Whenever we transcend the fears and desires of the individual and collective ego, we discover a completely different perspective on what it means to be a human being—a perspective that transcends the ego's narrow, limited, personal world. And that is really what is so important about the discovery of higher and deeper states of consciousness. Once we have tasted higher states, and are convinced that they're real, sooner or later a point has to come when we realize that now our spiritual practice is no longer merely about trying to have more spiritual experiences; it is about acting upon what has been revealed to us in the experiences we have already had. That is when our own awakening becomes the limitless foundation that empowers us to take responsibility for creating the future—which is the whole point of evolutionary enlightenment....... Andrew Cohen.

Enjoy the fantastic presentation of Cosmic Alignment; just as a mother presents her love and blessings unconditionally to her children!!!

With Love.....Ram

---- On Mon, Feb 11, 2008, Jonathan Stemer wrote ---

Blessings to everyONE wherever you may be,

In preparation for the next Love Radiance Intention Experience, and in response to Michael's post about a new vision for humanity, I received this email from Owen Waters. It seems to express beautifully, the theme that Ram has provided for this next experience on " detached involvement " and also provides some inspirational words regarding the path of selfless service.

Before sharing this message with you, I also wanted to mention that last night on the Grammy Awards there was a tribute to the music of the Beatles. While I listened to " Let it Be " and felt a surge of energy well up inside of my being in response to the all familiar words to this song, I couldn't help but wonder what will happen when we begin expressing music and song that reflects the consciousness that we choose to see happening more in this world.

Since music is a universal language, then any lasting healing and transformation will involve the intentional use of music as a rhythmical vibrational language that changes our bodies, minds, emotions and souls. If we are to truly experience more heart-centered living in all of our relationships, then heart-centered music and lyrics can definitely lead us there. This is the Love-Radiance Intention Experience..." Imagine " (reference to John Lennon, the musical prophet) musicians joining in this experience and using their gifts to spread the universal love from a selfless unconditional giving place. Isn't that what Bono from U2 and others in the music world who have a significant worldwide influence are attempting to do.'s the message from Owen Waters:

The Inspiration of Humanity by Owen Waters

The universe is designed to be reflective. Whatever you put out comes back to you. This is called the Law of Action and Reaction, the Law of Karma, or is simply referred to using the phrase, "What goes around comes around."

However, in spiritual work, there is a way to increase what comes around. What goes around can actually come back as more than you gave, and this involves a paradox.

In your spiritual practices, you can generate a deep feeling of peace and inspiration; one which brings a wonderful sense of spiritual upliftment. For example, in your meditations, you may become inspired with a vision of a future world filled with peace and freedom for all.

You may see, in your mind's eye, a future world where everyone on the planet is safe, and where you can travel to anywhere on the planet with ease. In this future, you see that everyone is consciously aware of their heart's connection to the hearts of each and every other human being on the planet. In this supportive environment, everyone has complete freedom to express their unique creativity as their contribution to a loving society.

As you breathe deeply of the clean, fresh air in that vision of the future, you feel your connection to the Mother Earth and to the life-giving Sun which shines ceaselessly upon our world. Then, you send your love and gratitude to the Earth and the Sun, and wait in quiet anticipation as those great, conscious beings send their love and inspiration to you in return.

While in that state of deep inspiration, it occurs to you that most of humanity desperately needs this type of upliftment; that most souls on this planet today are starving in a self-created, spiritual wilderness. This brings you to the realization that you have the opportunity to be of service to humanity through an act of self-sacrifice; through an act of giving up that which you have in order to help others who would not otherwise be helped.

While in this state, the sense of unconditional love that you have for humanity virtually begs you to help those who are not yet equipped to do this for themselves. If you now give that state, that energy, that feeling of inspiration away to the group consciousness of humanity, then you have created a vacuum within yourself.

By the law of action and reaction, that vacuum must be filled. However, an act of self-sacrifice in service to others has a side-effect: It raises the frequency of your consciousness higher than it was before. So, when the vacuum becomes filled with inspiration and upliftment from the universe, it is filled with an even higher frequency of consciousness than before.

Because of that, you will have become more inspired and more uplifted than ever before. By the act of sacrificing that which you had, you will actually gain more than you had before. Such is the paradox of love in action.

It is also the basis of the ancient path of Karma Yoga - the pathway to God through action and service.

By giving spiritual energy to mankind, you tread a pathway of spiritual action. This powerful pathway of giving what you have, in order to inspire others, is one that leads you to continually higher states of inspiration along your own spiritual path.

Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations)