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From: Jeanie DeRousseau
Date: Wednesday, December 2, 2009, 2:20 AM
Subject: Dec 4. A Global Moment of Connection to the Sacred Feminine
ID: 269371

Dear Women Standing for a Better World,

As many of you have experienced, when we participate in “global moments”, when thousands of others around the world are sharing our intention, something important happens.  We taste our One humanity, our One earth… we build awareness of our global unity.

Several global events are coming up in a few days: The Parliament of the World’s Religions, Melbourne, December 3-9, 2009,, and the UN Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen, December 7-18, 2009,  .  The foci of these events, bringing representatives of every religious faith and tradition together, and representatives of the earth’s nations together around our common concern about climate change, respectively… these initiatives call to our collective attention, offering the possibility of building a common field of mutuality and cooperation.  Please add your thoughts, prayers, and blessings for a world of peace and understanding to surround these initiatives.


You are especially invited to participate in a “Global moment of connection to the Sacred Feminine” that will be focalized at the Parliament of the World’s Religions… 


A Creative Exploration of the Sacred Feminine

4:30-6 pm on Friday, December 4th, in Melbourne, Australia

[Use to calculate the time in your area.]   


Please tune in wherever you are, alone or together with others, for some moments of silence, a song, a celebration, focusing upon the sacred feminine during the time of the ceremony in Melbourne.  See more detail at and at where you may register your intention to honor the Sacred Feminine at your own location.


You are also invited to the following prayer call that intends to support all the workshops that focus on women and spirituality at the Parliament (several dozen).  Please tune in or join the call whenever you can.


A daily 30 minute teleconference celebrating the new visibility of the sacred feminine 

 9-9:30 pm EST, December 3-9

218.936.4700, access code: 235418


Please forward this invitation to your networks, and may we all continue to build our field of unity as we enter this season dedicated to love and light…



Jeanie DeRousseau, for Standing Women, the Women’s Spirit Council, Gather the Women Global Matrix, Ways Women Lead, and the Women’s Learning Exchange