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From: Lou De Bourbon
Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 3:21 PM
Subject: lecture workshop
ID: 270115

Hi everyone, May 25, 2010

I’m offering a free introductory class on two interrelated and intertwined activities: Centered space exploration, and Tactile awareness development. We will learn a simple and precise physical movement focusing on our center of gravity (Dantien or Hara). This gentle exercise only takes one or two minutes to do and best of all, it can be done anywhere or anytime. The movement consists of 6 figure eights forming an Octahedron (Diamond). I call this exercise Octayoga. By developing a heightened awareness of the geometry of space and our center of gravity we conserve energy, improve balance, and increase sensitivity. We will take lots of time to play with several fun tactile educational toys: Dyna-flex gyros, contact juggling with Bao Ding balls, special trays for spinning, a variety of Poi for twirling, a Nintendo Wii balance board setup for Hula Hooping and some fine balance challenges. I will touch on three exciting new movement discoveries I have made since I last offered a class on Octayoga several years ago:

1. We are bilaterally symmetrical and by fusing left and right hand trefoil knots I have created a model of three interlocking hearts that makes it easy to develop our bifurcated sides and allow our bodies to loosen up while becoming more ambidextrous. The gestures expressed in the movements are those of wonder and awe.

2. A recent discovery by a German researcher in Geomorphology established the Octahedron as the perfect and only way to create a frictionless bearing. By expanding the figure eight movement we can learn to move in such a way - very exciting!

3. How the Diamond (octahedron) – hardest form of carbon – relates to the Buckminsterfullerene (Buckyball) – carbon’s exciting new form that is transforming our world. Octayoga movement can facilitate awareness of your Buckyball nature.

Christabel Zamor (Hoop Girl) posted this about my last class: “I have to say without a doubt this is the most fascinating and inspirational class I have taken in years! I was blown away by Lou's visual representations and technical information on using one's hands in spinning and contact juggling, his metaphoric explanations which make dimensions of movement easy to grasp, and his fun teaching style…All of these exercises (which he terms Octa Yoga) open up so much potential for hoopers to be doing internal transformative sacred geometry work while they externally hoop.”

Thursday May 27 7- 9 pm Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum 21West Anapamu