Circle Connections

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From: Tonya Whitedeer Cargill
Date: Friday, June 4, 2010, 12:24 PM
Subject: Knowing our Strengths
ID: 270162

Dear Ones - Sisters of the Enlightened Way:

Today I sat with the Grandmothers from the other side of eternity...they gave me a message for all to

hear....I pass these beloved words onto you..

Dearest of Daughters.....It is the time for us to discover are inner powers....we are coming forth in

masses to bring you the songs, the dances, the information through prayer....what we give to you is

from the Great Medicine Bowl....fed by the Eternal is the balance of Male/Female....

Through us we give to you the knowledge for you to learn to accept ALL that you are and know the

extent of your powers. To know that the POWER we speak of is not about standing over a person or is about the gifts of Nature and "Kniowledge" from the Universe as it is connected to Our

Earth Mother! your hearts completely with Truth and Trust! Gather Your is part of the


"Let the Glow from your inner Light lead your way!"