Water Convergence

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From: Sue Rooney
Date: Sunday, July 28, 2013, 11:28 AM
Subject: Meditation
ID: 273598

I have been thinking about meditation and the first thought and feeling was: my connection to nature, my heart, universal soul or while holding a baby brings me peace and joy. When my activity match's my state of being present, loving, compassionate, accepting then I hold no space for judgement. I am at peace and filled with love. To get there, I take a breath, hold, then exhale and let everything go, focus on nothing or something that helps me connect, like music or a statement and let the inner love take over. Spirit heals all of me not just my cuts and bruises. I believe we are all inner connected at a soul level and connected to universal mind/soul/love and when enough of us realize our love for ourselves and each other we will heal the world. When I am still, quiet and receptive, my inner spirit expands out and I feel only love. To practice this each day is to pray without ceasing and that is very hard to do in our hurry- up, problematic world.