Water Convergence

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From: Sue Rooney
Date: Friday, August 2, 2013, 5:29 AM
Subject: Harmonic Convergence 2013
Reply to: 273602
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Dear water, may you receive the loving prayers of all the dear ones who are working to restore your life force so precious to us all. The life force you are designed to be, to spread over all the land and through all life forms including our human forms. May our prayers restore your original design as a life force so powerfull in design, that you created, maintined and sustained all of life sense the begining of time. May our prayers of love, gratitude and joy restore you, also resignate within ourselves, restoring our spirit to our original design and complete the healing circle of love and life. As we pray for the healing of water, we send out a ripple of love to all of life and collecctively we are in process of healing our world to such a degree no polution or disease can ever have power over our life force again. Once we were all ONE in love, gratitude and joy, we will once again meet in consciousness as ONE Life Force radiating love, joy and peace. This is my prayer, my hope, my vision, my intention and my reality. So be it. Amen.


Sue Rooney

--- On Tue, Jul 30, 2013, in msg273602, Lavonne Rees wrote ---

Dear Ann and All Beloveds,

Thank you Ann for leading the way for us to share in circle fashion.

I continue my day job sharing the Divine Feminine principals with as many people who are interested (which isn't always easy when you work in Law Enforcement). However I have always felt I was there to share my light and Love even before I knew what that looked like.

To bring balance I spend most of my "other time" emersed in anyting and everything yin. The studies of the Goddess, the womb, the Water Keepers and the Grandmothers. Here I am at HOME....

I hold sacred space for multiple communities and continue to do the inner work. I continue to follow the voices that send me on sacred missions and I feel so Blessed for that connection.

I continue to menstrate on the Land for as long as that lasts and speak to the bee's who have come to live in harmony with me. I do my best to live in right relationship with the rhythm of Nature. I believe in my heart of hearts that we are here to learn/remember to be in right relationship with Mother Gaia. Be in our Heart Center with Love and everything else will fall into place. I Love the phrase you have coined here from ego to eco. I would love to join you sometime in along the Estero River.

I often sing to the waters a song I once learned

The River she is Flowing, Flowing and Growing The River she is flowing down to the Sea Mother (or Grandmother) carry me your child I will always be Mother (or Grandmother) carry me down to the sea

With that beautiful song flowing from my lips, I pass the talking stick with lots of love.

In deep Reverance,


--- On Sat, Jul 27, 2013, in msg273597, Ann Smith wrote ---

Dear Lavonne and All,

I hope everyone will share, circle fashion.

I am co-writing a book Enough: The Rise of the Feminine and Birth of the New Story with Laurie McCammon and

you can find out more about this by going to www.weareenough.org. I am working many hours weekly at

www.happehatchee.org as the Vice President and Coordinator of Program of this beautiful "old'Florida" eco-

spirituality center in Estero, Florida that is on the Estero River. You all would love this place and hope you will think

about coming some day.

I just posted two blogs on www.circleconnections.com, one about a healing walk in the tar sands by my Canadian

friend Dianne Rhodes that has a link to a very moving video;

and two blogs related to the question and hope that we all will speak on behalf of Gaia. Would love for you all to

give feedback about Gaia Speaks or speaking on behalf of Gaia.

I will attend the Millionth Circle Convener's Deepening in a couple of weeks, this is a time for us to look at our past,

present and future. Your prayers for all of this work I would love.

We do live in a very important time and what comes through to me is to go from ego to eco, taking our calling

seriously, supporting one another, and staying connected in love.

Now your turns. I pass the talking stick with lots of love. Namaste!!! Ann

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Lavonne Rees wrote ---

Anne- So nice to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your observations. I think you summed it up nicely "One

with love

for all". I know I would love to hear what is new with your work and I am sure others would be inspired.

Big Virtual Hugs!


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Ann Smith wrote ---

Dear Lavonne,

Thank you for starting this conversation. Last evening I listened to Ariel Spilsbury talk about the Divine Feminine

and when she talked about the feminine way of meditation with eyes open and focused on an object where we

dissolve into our Oneness, I felt at home. I remember doing this as a child and have continued this natural way of

being for me when time stands still. I was on the Tor in England for the Harmonic Convergence more as an

observer than melting into my being with Oneness. It is good to get back to my natural spirituality melting into

creation as One with love for all. Namaste!!! Ann

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Lavonne Rees wrote ---

Good Evening Beloveds~ I am waiting for the Sun to set for Sufi Dancing under the Moon Light. I feel the energies

buliding for the Day out of time, global meditations, connecting heart to heart as ONE LOVE. It is time to attune


to the Natural Rhythms of Gaia. I have taken my shoes off and dressed myself in flowing clothes, My Circle of lights


ready to be lite reflecting in the Sacred Water Drums that are drinking in the moonlight.

For tomorrow I shall focus on the stillness, honoring creation and the ability to amplify my intention of Love

and Blessings for our Waters at the beginning of the next 26,000 year Mayan Cycle.

I would love to hear how you are connecting you heart beat and what this time means for you.