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"Difficulties strengthen you if you will allow them to do so. They will permit you to love and be loved abundantly."
The Light of Love - Patricia Devlin

Conscious Evolution Santa Barbara is a diverse community of forward-thinking activists, artists, holistic practitioners and spiritual people, coming together to explore the meaning of community and looking for ways to inspire and uplift the world.


Our purpose is to be a habitat for conscious evolution. Recognizing our oneness with Spirit, we co-create with each other and Nature's Intelligence to discover and contribute our genius for self and social benefit.


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Hillary H. Click here to view LightPage
Ang Thong, Koh Samui 84140, Surat Thani, Thailand

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Ani A. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States
I am a small dot . . . where everything comes together. I am a point . . . in a galactic dance with other dots and points moving toward a destination of our own making. I am a dot on the map of a new world forming as we speak, by our thoughts and intentions and by our openness to and cooperation with each other. The mystery, innocence and power of our synergy becomes a great coordinating process washing us onto a new shore of our collective hearts desires.

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Sarah G. Click here to view LightPage
Boulder, Colorado, United States
It is my heart-full mission to share knowledge and meditation processes for healing and empowering women. Women are spiritually more powerful. Women are the peacemakers. We are the mothers of the world. It is up to all women to bring the peace and bring the love to the planet. We must dedicate and devote ourselves to open heartedly empowering ourselves and all women - being supportive and taking care of each other. I am also honored to work with men and honor the sacred masculine as well. I am a long time healer and meditation teacher who spent more than 15 years living in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. After meeting my spiritual teacher, renowned saint and avatar from Penukonda, South India, Sri Kaleshwar (1973 - 2012) my life and healing work transformed in profound and beautiful ways. I share Divine Energy Healing Transmissions (Sai Shakti Healing sessions) globally via Zoom and Skype and teaches mantra, meditation and healing workshops in person and via Zoom.

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Amyris W. Click here to view LightPage

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Barbara F. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara United States

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Lucky S. Click here to view LightPage
Towson, Maryland, United States
I'm a co-founder of Evolutionary Women and the Santa Barbara Conscious Evolution community. I am currently living on the East Coast in Baltimore, MD. I am a certified professional Astrologer and have been doing consultations since 1970. I love the stars. Astrology is the interpretative language of the cosmic patterns in our solar system. Want to broaden your horizons? Look into your stars. As an Evolutionary educator and coach, I work with individuals and groups to fully integrate the Universal and Human aspects of ourselves so we can bring qll our resources, talents and capacities to the current transition on our planet.

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kelly f. Click here to view LightPage
hanksville, utah, United States
I am the founder of Reciprocal Science, the philoshophy, psychology and physics of unity, action and relationship. I've written three books, "Chocolate & Physics; a love story by me", "Elements of Existence" and it's companion book, "Life Design". At this time "Elements" and "Life Design" are only available through contact with me. One of my desires is to see these works published and available world-wide. Reciprocal Science is crucial to the great shift of meaning in the heart of the Human-we because it answers the question "How is life happening?". The answers flowing from this question naturally point out the new pathways of meaning available to us and the 'how tos' for intentional shifting of personal and collective focus. We will find our way, we will evolve together into the next great chapter of our continuing story. We'll do this together because that's what we're already doing. Freedom, peace and Mother Love are our new guides and signposts. Welcome, welcome,welcome.

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Carolyn A. Click here to view LightPage
Nevada City, California, United States
Like others in this network, I'm a member of the global "transition team," committed to building a better world by transforming consciousness to unity and love. I'm a co-founder and co-director of Global Family and a co-founder of Hummingbird Community in northern New Mexico. I'm also an entrepreneur and am currently producing the Women's Empowerment (WE) Channel on the internet and working with Nerium International as a Brand Partner. I co-authored The Co-Creator's Handbook, an experiential guide to discovering and fulfilling your life purpose.

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Dawn M. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States
I recently moved to Santa Barbara in a magical community in the mountains. I am 32, a mom to my amazing star angel who is 15 months old, and am in the midst of one of my most profound personal conscious evolutions of my life. I feel so blessed at all of my own personal work and willingness to do the work. I am really feeling and seeing my inner and outer shifts. I really and truly am Free! :) With this being said, I am an E-RYT & Kundalini yoga instructor, Reiki Master, Web Radio Show Host on Conscious Living and Choice, Intuitive Reader (Psychic Reader/Intuitive Counselor), On my way to becoming an Herbalist, I make my own healing Tea Blends + more, I am an essential oils distributer, I have written three children's books, and I again am a Conscious Magick Mama to my BEautiful Light BEing Star Angel :) (The Most Profound and Important Dharma in my Life) <3

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Woody J. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States
I have lived in Santa Barbara since 2000. vegetarian/vegan/raw flexitarian. Introverted person of peace and nature. I moved here from Oregon, past resident of Breitenbush Hot Springs, and artist at Oregon Country Fair. I volunteer for a couple of organizations and events in Santa Barbara. My primary undertaking is Friends of Montecito Hot Springs.

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Mary Pat N. Click here to view LightPage
Ventura, California, United States
I am a Divine Presence put on this planet to share love with others while experiencing a true awakening of my human soul. I experience this process through writing of poetry, facilitating workshops/retreats, publishing articles and speaking about my own eating disorder healing process. My latest book "The Essence of Loving, An Awakening of Soul" is a true gift that I would like to share with the world.

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Mary Jo A. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States
professional organizer

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Deanna C. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States

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Francis J. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States
Held between the interaction of a sacred sharing, lies the cosmic music of the adges, a dance of the universe made manifest in form and expressed through "Love", the juice and glue that creates our worlds. As a sculptor in Marble, I have and am experiencing this with Stone, understanding that this "Love" where-ever practised, brings forth Creation, to the greatest potential in "any form". Where our Responsebility lies perhaps is that we be the most that we can be, at any monment, to bring forth that "cutting edge" expression, for me, made manifest in stone.

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Bonnie K. Click here to view LightPage
LA QUINTA, California, United States
I like to think that we are "illuminating the circuitry" of ourselves-- as Light Beings. This is happening as we connect with individuals globally who are consciously attuned to cocreating the planeteary awakening. I can imagine living in a world of pure awareness where we naturally acknowledge the fact that we are ONE BODY OF HUMANITY. Please visit for more information.

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Yvon D. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States
Live a holistic lifestyle with a love of nature. Have written about and have been macrobiotic. Have studied aromatherapy and other natural therapies.

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Margaret C. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States - old

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Catherine (Cat) W. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States
I moved to Santa Barbara from the Boston area in July 2002, where I had worked as a manager in the research department of one of the Harvard teaching hospitals for 13 years. I have studied alternative medicine for over 20 years, particularly energy and spiritual/shamanic healing from various cultures. I am particularly drawn to the Celtic, Hawaiian, and African healing traditions. I am interested in how we connect with our essential natures, to live in balance, harmony and unity within ourselves - Lokahi. I also seek to bring into greater manifestation the vision I hold of our world as a peaceful global community working together to benefit the whole.

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Ajjani K. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States
I love Santa Barbara:) I am semi-retired now and will be attending SBCC in the upcoming 2016 semester as a music major and theatre arts. I'm thinking Chinese language too - in others words - catching up on some of the things on my back burner. I hope to do some more performing in the coming year, as well as, enjoying many of the other wonderful offerings that these Light Pages have to share:) I look forward to meeting many of you in the near future.

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Diana C. Click here to view LightPage
New York, New York, United States
After living most of her life in Munich, Germany and Santa Barbara, California Diana is now a resident of New York City. She has more than thirty years’ experience and expertise in management, marketing and sales of financial products including real estate. As the Founder and Owner of a Financial Consulting Company she helped more than 300 clients grow, maintain and protect their financial health and well-being. An equal amount of time has been invested in personal education and spiritual development with internationally recognized teachers and masters. Diana is a NY State Licensed Real Estate Agent and Accredited International Buyers’ Agent and Property Specialist with Robert DeFalco Realty. She specializes in facilitating local and international clients a stress and hassle-free experience when buying, selling or investing in New York and/or global real-estate. Diana is an active member of the Staten Island Board of Realtors contributing her time and knowledge in the real estate community. She is an integral part of the SIBOR Global Real Estate Council, cultivating relationships with individuals engaged in the global arena and has greatly contributed to the success of the 2014 Global Real Estate Symposium at The Vanderbilt in South Beach, NY. Diana enjoys spending time with her two grown sons and their families and visiting with friends in Munich, Germany; Diana studied with the Korean Master Dae Peop Sa Nim and meditates daily; she is an avid reader interested in macro-economics & finances; she likes nature, music, golf, skiing, travel, and foremost of all, enjoys being and working with people from all different cultures and backgrounds.

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