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This network is intended for people with a professional or technical interest
in the theory of concepts and related topics -- such as semantic ontology, taxonomy, epistemology,
artificial intelligence and cognitive science. We look forward to your insights and participation!
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1 3/8/12 Right Brain / Left Brain Bruce S.
Good morning. Interesting to see a couple of applications for this very dormant discussion group on Conceptual Structure. It's been a long time, with a lot of activity going on other domains. But it might be very exciting to gear up some energy around this theme. Over the years, it's been tough to find people who can actually handle the conversation. Psychology, philosophy, AND har . . . [More]
2 3/10/08 On Stipulation Bruce S.
I wanted to add a few quick thoughts on the nature of "stipulative definition". The way I see it, by understanding semantics and definition in terms of intention -- "stipulated definition" -- we can clear away much of the confusion associated with attempts to ground definition in social convention. Most of the concepts we use are defined at a high level of abstraction, with a somewhat blur . . . [More]
3 3/5/08 Classification of variables Bruce S.
Just to further illustrate some of these issues, I wanted to introduce a couple of simple concepts that I have found helpful. Back in the "old days" -- when computers were far less powerful, and we were limited to what could be done with "ASCII" -- it was common to create diagrams and drawings, using only a keyboard. In the study of computer science issues, I found this kind of diagrammi . . . [More]
4 3/4/08 Abstraction/generality/inclusivity Bruce S.
Patrick, I thought I would go through the details of your message, and address a few of the questions you raise. ** Patrick: Ausubel postulated that cognitive structure was organized hierarchically (subsumption theory). Novaks research was driven by this theory and eventuated in instruction that took the form of hierarchically organised knowledge. As knowledge was being expertly mapp . . . [More]
5 3/3/08 Abstraction/generality/inclusivity Bruce S.
Hello Patrick, and group... As I have been contemplating these possibilities, it does feel to me as though we have already introduced some substantial content into this discussion. What I am actually hoping to do right now -- is make very careful sense about just a few things -- with the idea that a solid foundation for understanding might open some very interesting possibilities for mea . . . [More]
6 3/2/08 Abstraction/generality/inclusivity Patrick K.
Hi Bruce, Thanks for your comprehensive reply. I was startled when I came upon your work and I felt that I had to know more. I have always been interested in the cartography of cognition. Your ideas seemed to take it to a new level in my opinion. Let me explain. Ausubel postulated that cognitive structure was organized hierarchically (subsumption theory). Novaks research w . . . [More]
7 3/2/08 Abstraction/generality/inclusivity Bruce S.
A few days ago, I received an email mentioning an article I had written a few years ago. I was excited to see this email, since it is not everybody who can speak with such clarity on these subjects. I sent a reply, and today, I got an answer. On the strength of this interesting connection, I thought I would place this conversation into the context of this forum, and hope that a few othe . . . [More]
8 2/29/08 Welcome Bruce S.
The Bridge Across Consciousness project is broadly inclusive, and embraces a wide array of disciplines and aspects of philosophy. Creating a more narrowly focused framework, perhaps intended for computer and cognitive science professionals or experts, seems to make sense. I would love to attract into this conversation the contributions and insights of professionals in these fields, who ar . . . [More]

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