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"There exists no accidental happening; everything obeys the one law."
The History of Magic and the Occult - Kurt Seligmann

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1 2/28/09 Good morning - database/congress... Bruce S.

 Dear Karen --

Good Saturday morning from Santa Barbara, where the golden light of sunrise is just now fading from the trees...

I know it's been a while, and a bit of a long and winding road -- but there seems to be some new energy emerging here, that might be interesting.

The idea that seems to be arising right now -- is this concept of a "survey" or an o . . . [More]

2 12/18/08 Good morning - database/congress... UNIVISIONS O.

Hi Bruce, i love your ideas and know you have the capabilities to do this and i agree on all your points...for the longest i was content just gathering, collecting and joining the various unity groups and felt the power of so many with such similar visions and goals. I had no desire to create a group per say myself for i felt like there are plenty already so i made it my mission to help bring a . . . [More]

3 12/16/08 Good morning - database/congress... Bruce S.

Dear Karen --

Good morning...  Just got back from LA, after taking Jeanie down to the airport.  There's snow in the mountains along the coast, after the storms of last night...

All of these things -- are continuing to evolve, of course -- and I was just bumping around a few UniVisions things, on the Ning site you created...

And then I linked to this.. which I g . . . [More]

4 12/10/08 Hello.... Bruce S.

well, as a way to press on into further adventures, i did get this "portal" thing kind of inserted into the system today.  the two features that are starting to work are

  1. personal practices
  2. group practices

there are a few different names that framework can be called -- &qu . . . [More]

5 12/10/08 Hello.... UNIVISIONS O.

not a problem, i wasnt rushing you, i just couldnt find it and rather than fret about whether i sent it or not i decided to ask you if you got it...thanks for getting back with me, i can tell youve been busy and i look forward to seeing what you create next...sooner or later those 10,000 pieces will come together...dont worry about me, ill be in and out and in the background cheering us all on, . . . [More]

6 12/10/08 Hello.... Bruce S.


Good morning -- and thanks so much for your patience -- and trust in things...

Yes, I did get an email from you -- just sent "privately" -- like -- what, a week ago?  I have just been "in the thick" of whatever seems to be emerging, and I keep banging away.

So, I have not really come up for air.  But I certainly do want to thank y . . . [More]

7 12/10/08 Hello.... UNIVISIONS O.

Hi Bruce, i know i sent a response to the email you sent me but for the life of me i cant find it so im wondering if you got it?


--- On Thu, Nov 27, 2008, in msg265979, Bruce Schuman wrote ---


Just -- checking in.

I was bumping around in the Deep Mysteri . . . [More]

8 11/27/08 Hello.... Bruce S.


Just -- checking in.

I was bumping around in the Deep Mysteries of Interspirit today -- and discovered, to my amazement -- that you had taken the first steps to create a group/network in this system.  That this "apply-to-create-a-group" feature was even installed in this gnostic/gnarly-rooted tree was news to me -- nobody has done that in a long time.  So . . . [More]

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