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"Joy is the quality which grows out of self-realisation….We are told that there is an archetype, a pattern, a way, a goal, and a light which shines upon the Path. But, realising this, do I know anything of the joy which should irradiate my way?"
Discipleship in the New Age - Alice A. Bailey

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The Love Radiance Intention Group started in November of 2007 with a membership of 4 aspired souls who wished to experiment with the power of Love, Radiance, Intention and Experience. We are together a collaborative co-creative group in the process of authentic aspirations to connect and grow in a purely integral way.

The purpose of this group is to enhance gradually and lovingly through the process of Love Radiance Intention Experience in so that we can live our lives more fully, infinitely, and to develop experiential awareness of our inter-connectedness with all the beings and all the things. This inter-connectedness is in the context "I am That, You are That, We are all That,” which is to fully awaken the Universal Person intrinsically present in all of us.

Our phased approach is to develop maximum possible awareness and full confidence in the Love Radiance Intention co-creative process. Then expand this awareness to move towards experiential inter-connectedness realizations of feeling and knowing the divine energy flow in all of us.

Using monthly experiences our groups Love Radiance Intention energy sets the basis for our integral Self-development, both individually and collectively. All participants are encouraged to utilize their own unique ways for such divine realizations and share their experiences through participating in authentic dialogue in an on-line environment, moving further, and in the course of time, towards global resonance. We do this organically, naturally, and free from any time and space constraints. The gradual expansion of this group experience can occur by joining other similar groups.

Our strategy is to authentically move in the above direction, while developing and maintaining LRIG's independence and self-sufficiency, and at the same time help our members move in the same direction, through the above-mentioned means and options available to us.

Our vision is a simple one, and since the group is authentic and dedicated towards realizing the highest possible pure potential available in all of us, our vision is unlimited and unfolding, and we observe this in a natural and organic way, and Be with it.

A New Era has graciously started within all of us, encouraging us to move forward unitedly in the spirit of Love and Light, and towards all the joys of living our lives more fully. Deeply feeling the new era "yuga-new beginning" as a guiding light we hold together.

This new era is now more loving, more compassionate, having more awareness. A balanced mixture of head, heart and soul. Feeling and expressing love, compassion, appreciation and awareness in all we we interact, breathe, smell, hear, touch, taste, exercise, meditate, and so on. We do this now with more love, more compassion, and more awareness, fulfilling relationships and building connections. In this process we can know the Truth, and in so doing our whole duty, we journey back home. The real home from whom all things proceed and to whom all things return. As such, we are in touch with the maximum possible potential of Unity/Oneness available in all of us.

During our LRIG monthly experiences, we will be focusing on knowing and practicing the Natural Laws/Principles in our daily lives. Such principles center around co-creative principles: those of pure potentiality, intention-attention-intuition, giving-receiving-sharing, cause and effect, detached involvement-actions, and selfless service.

We are truly grateful and look forward to our individual and collective Self-growths in this pure integral way during our groups ongoing LRIG program. This can only happen with your authentic love and esteemed contributions by way of your presence and sharing in your own unique ways.

Excited to move together in Oneness!

Peace and Love to all...Ram Varma

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