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"The millionth circle" refers to the circle whose formation tips the scales and shifts planetary consciousness. The phrase comes from Jean Shinoda Bolen's book The Millionth Circle: How to Change Ourselves and The World, which in turn was inspired by "the hundredth monkey," the story that sustained anti-nuclear activists in the 1970-1980s to continue on when conventional wisdom said that nothing (certainly not ordinary people) could deter the nuclear arms race between the superpowers.



A proliferation of circles with a spiritual center becomes a worldwide healing force by bringing feminine values of relationship, nurturing, and interdependency into a global culture in which hierarchy, conflict and competition, power over others and exploitation of the earth's resources are dominant values. Our aim is to celebrate the millionth circle as an idea whose time has come.

Everyone who has been drawn to the idea of "the millionth circle" is part of the millionth circle vision, and any event or circle that anyone creates that furthers the formation of more circles with a sacred center can freely define what they are doing as being part of the millionth circle vision.

About Millionth Circle
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