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"Our ancestors survived not by ripping one another apart but by helping one another hunt, gather food, and defend against predators. The simple act of one individual's keeping watch while others sleep has huge survival advantages. Altruism facilitated all forms of cooperation, sharing, and communication – key forces that shaped human evolution."
The Ancestral Mind: Reclaim the Power - Gregg D. Jacobs, Ph.D.

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Suzan N.

Rapid City, South Dakota,
United States

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I live in Rapid City, SD. I've been retired from the school system for 8 years where I worked as a school counselor, a rich and rewarding career. Now my path is leading me in the direction of becoming a peacemaker. I seem to be pulled or pushed along this path in spite of myself. I just finished a week long intensive workshop in Nonviolent Communication which was very transformative and very powerful. I am a mediator for Restorative Justice, a Zen practitioner, and a traveller; I love to visit new countries and I love the journey into me, which is part of my Zen path. I am married to Ken and Max, our cocker, runs our life. I am on the school board in my community and involved with lots of other things.

I am interested in all kinds of self discovery things, such as meditation, and mediation. I love being involved with women and facilitating women's circles. I also do a support group for women in the jail and belong to a buddhist sangha here. I love to hike, travel and x country ski, to meet new people, visit new places and have new experiences. I have met some of the most wondeful women in Gather the Women!!


Dear Friends of UN CSW, I’m glad Ann started this as a means for us to get to know one another. I recognize some of your names from last year’s attendance at UNCSW. I am a delegate from Rapid City, SD, and along with my friend Rowdy Brewick, I also attended last year and just loved the experience. I’m a retired school counselor and now in all my “free time” I am an activist. My current issue is to stop uranium mining from happening in our state and that’s a battle I think we can win. Along with that Rowdy and I are Gather the Women Regional Coordinators and we host two events a year along with monthly circles for women. I am part of a women’s progressive political group, Democracy in Action and also president of Dakota Rural Action, a grassroots organization that supports local food, clean air, clean water and community organizing. I’m also a mediator with Restorative Justice but my real passion is women and our issues from having women in legislative positions to creating sacred space where women can hear and speak with one another. I’m excited to return to NYC with you all and look forward to being with you again in circle. I love the circle process and am finding lots of ways and situations with which to use it. Blessings to you all, Suzan Nolan, Gather the Women representative

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