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"If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself." Lao Tzu
Understanding Yourself: A Spiritual Approach to Self-Discovery and Soul-Awareness - Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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Christina F.

Haiku, Hawaii,
United States 96708-5915

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I use my human/divine instrument as a advocate and teacher of light for educating, activating, and empowering, those choosing to expand during this global explosion of heart consciousness.

I am a visionary author, sound scripture artist, and facilitator providing an emporium for the literary, visual, and vibrational arts to awaken, elevate, activate, empower and expand the blossoming of heart consciousness. I live on Maui and Kauai in Hawaii where I write, paint, facilitate in group settings and enjoy the tropical island environment.

Here is a passage from the first page of my book, Call to Unison, A Calling Inward to the Heart:

With the shift of the ages upon us, we are being brought from a deep sleep to a profound awakening. What appears as global vision is a conscious, soulful and magnificent deepening. This shift confronts us with the reason we are here, compelling us to recognize that we are in the midst of a period of integration and refinement. Call to Unison offers a potent expression of Living Truths. Embedded within these lines are empowering messages and insights. Here are timeless, primordial teachings: love is the key, the truth is within, know thyself, and be here now. Revealed is our true reason for being on the planet at this time. Call to Unison provides a handbook of essential tools for transformation and coherence. Each of us brings a unique expression and perspective to the blos- soming of consciousness. The aim of awakening to heart consciousness? is to simply be awake and aware enough to transcend the limited self. We are here to shine our light, through our hearts, in unison, so that love can now reign. Thank you very much.



We are here to shine our light, through our hearts, in unison, so that love can now reign. We are the sons and daughters of the Light. This is who we are and why we came here. Our reason for being is to rise up and claim our light, and be where we are to be. The purpose of humanity is to know their True Self and to live fully conscious in the heart.

The shift of the ages is about the inclusive empowerment of humanity. We are living in a very compelling age. It is our time. We know why we are here as we awaken and remember we become the impetus for humanity to realize its true nature, that of love. Each of us brings a unique perspective to the blossoming of heart consciousness. As we evolve through the awareness of love, the soul's desire is to live fully present, in the heart. The call to unison is for those waking up one heart at a time.

In Unison

We are here to advance our soul, awaken our inner light, and we are here for the sake of each other. Our purpose is to know our true self. Answering the call is a movement instilled in every heart. It is listening to the call of our sovereign eternal self. We are divine beings in human form here to transmute the dark, (that which is hidden and unrevealed) into the light.

Our Multidimensional Selves

Millions of people are awakening and moving from unawareness to enlightened awareness. Many are answering the call of the intuitive movement within their hearts to reunify with their multidimensional selves. In order to live a more joyful, balanced and peaceful existence, humanity is reaching out for reassurance. There are so many discrepancies in the world today. This is provoking a collective uprising, inspiring humanity to seek unity as we navigate through the inner and outer chaos of a world in transition.

Living on the New Earth

This collective uprising embodies the people of the New Earth living more aligned to their divine nature. Available to us is a wellspring of eternal wisdom. There are thousands of impassioned individuals expressing themselves as a contribution to this uprising in distinctive ways and through a variety of mediums. All is a contribution towards the awakening and profound establishing of a world of light.

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