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Jeanie D.

Lake Worth, Florida,
United States 33460

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GTW Global Matrix: Africa
Education and Spirituality Network
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Sister Space

I'm a mother and an anthropologist, and I love to sing. I notice that women are arising everywhere to do what is needed, and I'm water in that tide.

With my cocreator Bruce Schuman, I'm offering the LightPages Connectory to this rising tide of women, to foster the collaboration of women into a clear and visible force for change. And as we connect and amplify the nurturance, I want to "sing out" the good news of what is happening, and inspire people everywhere to cocreate a new culture and order of Being... For I believe that the feminine arising is only the beginning of a profound shift for the human family toward wholeness, truth and love.

Thank you for using LightPages and blessing the Internet with your presence. When we gather locally, but connect globally on the Internet, the wisdom and power of conscious people everywhere becomes visible to inspire us all ...


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