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"All the breathing, the pulses, the rhythms and movements of the natural world on earth or in astronomical spaces are variations of the one universal pulse, which gives rise to them."
Ancient Wisdom, Modern Insight - Shirley Nicholson

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Wolfgang F.

Munich, Bavaria,
Germany 81825

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Born in Heidelberg, Germany 1951, normal schooling and tertiary training as medical practitioner. After the failure of my first life plan on traditional euro-centric Christian lines and the break-down of my first marriage I became increasingly prepared to undergo prolonged therapy "Going Sane". In the course of this I regained access to the inner world of feeling which I had lost. The dominance of my head had to give way to an increased sensibility. In the course of an extended learning process with stations between Afghanistan in the east and Peru in the west my rational thinking and emotional sensitivity gradually became harmonized. This involved the giving up - often painfully - of many concepts which my upbringing, my schooling and the social traditions had caused me to hold dear. Certain fears arising during this process increasingly dissolved into feelings of OK-ness and warmth. This was aided by various trance experiences induced by techniques not relying on drugs. My first experience with the light of understanding goes back 20 years. Newly acquired value standards also led to consequences in the private as well as professional spheres: a blind obedience to orders could no longer be reconciled with the autonomy of human beings; many of my own feelings no longer coincided with the general feeling dominant in society; what was deemed to be normal was in many cases seen by me as sheer insanity. Not least of all my personal transformation found expression in my writing which deals with issues related to the function and organization of global issues.


... to overcome splitting world-views, visions, theories, emotions and conditions in order to reach full-scale humanity beyond any inhumanity.

There is a heart in cosmos, in any tree as well as in you and me.

From this heart which we all share and which equally keeps all of us alive and united starts a common matrix.

As the planetary heart currently suffers more than ever before
the potentialities to overcome this painful situation
have grown as well beyond anything ever known.

That's why the solutions are to be found beyond the outdated concepts deep inside of each of us.


We all may start with a Global Meditation for Peace - wherever and always - and thus try to support, empower and represent following vision, understanding and belief:

At any time of history individuals as well as social communities have been able to stay within a creative context of being.


This has less in common with universities or sciences but more with a loving heart and a flexible, open and sensible mind. It has less in common with cold rational knowledge but more with empathy and wisdom.


The peaceful always and again have been extinguished by the violent.

The solution is not for the peaceful to become as violent.

The solution is to let the violent experience the satisfying sweetness of peacefulness.


To a lesser extent this is about techniques or concepts.

Its more about staying in contact with the creative, genuine, authentic common identity by means of a loving social network which culturally is to be woven and maintained by each individual and supported by society at large.

... to offer theoretical background as well as practical experience for everybody interested in understanding that we all are


can be experienced in everyday reality everywhere and at any time
by means of a way of life which pleases you, the others and the planet as well

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