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"Love yourself and others equally, not more or less. Love is kind. Be kind to yourself and to all beings. Ask yourself how you could love yourself and others better."
Shadows of the Sacred: Seeing Through Spiritual Illusions - Frances Vaughan, Ph.D.

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Dale A.

Fairfield, Connecticut,
United States

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I made a commitment a long time ago, and I know you did too. I have a vision. Like you, I have a knowing that I came to this earth at this time to help to create a new paradigm—a paradigm of peace. I know that I came here to offer my soul-gifts in service of the healing of our planet. We all made this commitment. We are all connected – you, me and every single person who visits LightPages. We are collectively generating incredible energy at this time on our planet. We’ve been waiting a long time (lifetimes) for this! It is time for us to claim our power in order to have the resolve to offer our soul gifts.

“Power.” It’s a word women tend to shy away from. We resist describing ourselves as powerful. That’s very understandable, because we have not appreciated the definition of power. Power in our culture has meant, “power over” and we are not interested. We need new (ancient) images of power that we can relate to and be inspired by. That’s where my soul-joy comes through. I have traveled nationwide and as far as Kauai and Dubai with my one-woman “Cape Canaveral lift-off,” In Our Right Minds – Guiding Women to their Strength as Leaders, Leading Men to Strength without Armor.

In Our Right Minds is my of bringing the Goddess mainstream and helping audiences to receive the potency of this archetype. The archetype of the Goddess is a part of all men and women. An archetype is an inward image in the human psyche that exerts a powerful influence on the nature of an individual personality and in turn on the larger culture. Though the archetype of the Goddess has been suppressed in our psyches and our culture a very long time, it is now becoming active. She is reemerging.

We are the Co-Creators of Heaven on Earth, all of us, the women and men who have the courage to envision a world that is peaceful and sustainable, one that nurtures every spirit and takes us well beyond our paradigm of hierarchies, imbalances, war and conquering. Power is redefined as the passionate flowing of each individual’s unique gifts for the betterment of society, our planet and all life

In both contemporary and historical societies where the Goddess is present, the worldview is much different than what we have come to accept as “human nature” in our society.

In a survey of 150 cultures today, anthropologist Peggy Reeves Sanday compared cultures structured around male dominance with those that embrace female power. She found a clear correlation between female power and Goddess veneration. Where the divine has a feminine face, there is a correlation with the society’s honoring of nature, women’s role as officiators of sacred sacraments, connection to the land, and female power. There is egalitarianism, rather than women holding power over men. The worldview is holistic and oriented in the embodied rather than the abstract. These cultures value community, birthing, nurturing, empathy, intuitive intelligence, earth, nature, connection and interdependence. There is general harmony and peaceful resolution of conflict. Also, the orientation of time is not linear, but is cyclical and aligned with the eternal cycles of birth, growth, death and renewal. The divine is understood to be embodied in every person and in nature, not somewhere else, abstract and disembodied. Sensuality and sexuality are honored as sacred. These “feminine” values belong to women and men; they are a valued part of society when the feminine is not subjugated. They are not seen as women’s tenets, they are societies’.

Our job, our invitation is to make these tenets a part of our own experience – in our relationships, families, communities, schools, work, faith and participation in government. And then we are to take them beyond, as together we co-create a new way of being. She calls to us to shine the way we’re meant to shine, and to offer the gifts we’re meant to give.

In my letter to you today, you to whom I am connected in this vision, I ask you, I beseech you to harness your power and offer your gifts for all of our benefit. And if you resist because you have a voice in your head that says you can’t, or you are not worthy - trust me, we all have that voice! It’s designed to keep you safe, it can’t help but do its job of trying to talk you out of extending yourself and being seen. (It thinks you’ll die if you dare to live your dream.) If you take but one small step, it will lead to another and you must persist. That voice will become much smaller, I promise you. Join with positive people who support and inspire you – there are many of us all the world over.

My DVD “In Our Right Minds” is an inspiration. The power of the information I share is much bigger than me – it inspires and moves blockages. The DVD is on sale on my website.

Thanks so much for making the commitment with me. Victory is certain.

Peace, Passion, Profuse Abundance and Joy, Dale

My Dream
Nothing short of "Heaven on Earth"

Performance, Public Speaking, Radio, Television


Dale Allen has been described as “a living Goddess, a bright light, a messenger, a teacher, a storyteller who was born to be listened to!” She has brought her talents to scores of audiences nationwide with her one-woman show, "In Our Right Minds™, A Celebration of Women, the Sacred Feminine and the Right Brain."

Ms. Allen is a veteran of corporate and commercial communications. Her extensive resume includes hundreds of voice-over, on-camera and live presentation projects. Some of the most quality conscious companies, such as BMW, General Electric, and Canon among others, have chosen her to represent their brands. She is an accomplished lecturer, workshop facilitator, playwright and theatrical actress. With "In Our Right Minds," she was featured at the Kauai Wellness Expo with Dr. Wayne Dyer and recently brought her message to Dubai. Described as having the energy of “a Cape Canaveral lift-off” she thoroughly engages and inspires her audience, which ranges from highly educated corporate leaders to teenage girls seeking their place in the world.

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