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"Where love stops, power begins, and violence, and terror."
The Undiscovered Self - C. G. Jung

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James J.

Chicago, Illinois,
United States 60637

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My religious development over the past fifty years has led me to an interfaith orientation based on an inclusive spirituality. Over the years, I have attempted to practice and promote principles of interfaith ecumenism as a personal commitment and have supported, and been involved with, a number of interfaith projects. I would like to maintain a closer connection and contact with the interfaith community.

Kamitic Kuminalism is ecumenism derived from the African and African American religious experience based on inclusive spirituality related to the African traditional cosmogram of the four moments of the sun crossroad symbol and informed by the Kemetic ethical principle of maat,meaning truth, justice, righteousness, peace. It is associated with Kuminalism and the Kamitic Faith Alliance(KAKFA)which promotes interfaith ecumenism and fellowship. Kuminalism is ecumenical communalism informed by maat, and especially emphasizes spirituality and ethics through interfaith devotional network alliances based on shared values,inclusive spirituality, and ethical accountability.KAKFA establishes Kamitic Memorial Shrine Centers which consist of two basic components:The Kamitic Outdoor-Memorial Garden and The Kuminal Indoor-Prayer Shrine Chapel.All are welcome in affirmation of the universality of prayer and the oneness shared in common by all.These Centers serve as monuments to interfaith ecumenism.

interfaith Devotional Network Alliances seeks to involve individuals or groups in shared interfaith devotional activities as well as community service/programs that promote ecumenical cooperation and interfaith understanding that contributes to advancing justice and community.


I am listed as founder and representative of the Interfaith Devotional Network and Alliance included among organizations associated with It my initial and main online contact with the interfa ith community in general and remans so !

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