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in the theory of concepts and related topics -- such as semantic ontology, taxonomy, epistemology,
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James C.

Stony Brook, New York,
United States

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Bridge Across Consciousness

I am a philosopher in the graduate program at Stony Brook University in New York. For years my interest was automated problem solving – computers programming themselves – during which I was constantly being confronted with the intuitive, and therefore non-procedural, way in which people solve problems. This led me on a long path to where I have arrived today, understanding that the intuitive nature of thought and our affective responses (visceral feelings) are manifestations of a grander nature that encompasses all of Reality. How I arrived at this understanding is not important, nor frankly is it even describable. What is important is that I have come to it and it has allowed me to undertake a radical re-analysis of our most basic understandings about ourselves and our world that I wrote about in my first book, and which I continue to explore in my ongoing writing.

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