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"All our true, unselfish love for our fellow creatures will spring up like flowers at our feet, and help to aid and brighten our path."
Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge - Zolar

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Susan P.

Santa Barbara, California,
United States 93105

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Namaste, I am excited about the opportunity this online community represents. Consciousness takes on infinite forms. As the internet has begun to manifest it's potential of multilevel purpose, I've appreciated it as the "network of light" it can be (fiber optically as well as metaphorically) and have enjoyed watching as humanity crafts it into whatever we imagine as we blend our creativity, humanity, and technology.

My Dream now.

Never before have we lived in such times of incredible potential for the indwelling and practical application of loving spirit and wisdom to express our Soul, group consciousness, and create what we know in our hearts is possible.

Welcome to paradise!

I have been serving as a healer for most of my life in various ways, but consciously chose the path 20 years ago in private practice, various work places, and as an artist via holistic, integral techniques, loving presence, and as a photographer.

* Caring for people of all ages and circumstances, for places, and creating service and programs from a need that has presented itself via life experience, have been common themes for me.

* I have a passion for uplifting humanity and revealing the divine essence of who we and what is all around us in my practice, service to community, and as the mother of three fabulous children whose talents are diverse and whose humanistic capacity, values, and maturity are well beyond their years.

* My healing work includes energy, light, and angelic work (based in respected traditions), aromatherapy, pressure point release work, hypnotherapy, spiritual counseling, "inner work." I meet you where you are and a session becomes whatever you need it to be at that moment in time in support of your humanity and divinity.

I work in person, via phone, and do "distant healing" sessions upon request. I teach energy healing to all ages and I work therapeutically with people, pets, the land, and your space. I am an ordained non-denominational minister and my other certifications include Mastery in several forms of Reiki energy healing and "light work," reflexology, and hypnotherapy.

* I have been a seeker of Truth and student of the true essence of world spirituality (love) and the wisdom and healing traditions which have encompassed the work of masters who have come before us and walk amongst us now.

* I am passionate about the children who are already masters, who have so much to offer and to teach as we support their presence in this changing world.

* Vision and perspective are the foundation for everything and span our physical world, emotional capacity, and spiritual expression. I have been fortunate to be able to experience many things personally and empathically in my work and life so that I can "switch lenses" as life presents opportunities.

* I've also had a camera in my hands since age 4. My photography has been a source of great satisfaction, professional focus, creative delight, literal and metaphoric expression, and has become a vehicle for revealing the multilevel divinity of all of life. My imagery work has spanned natural light portraits, published print and magazine work, fine art, spirit manifested in nature (orbs, energy, "angels"), landscapes, architecture, real estate, and location scouting and still photography work for the entertainment industry.

* I am also actively interested in supporting and participating in consciously loving, sustainable, mutually uplifting and nurturing community and seek a residential opportunity where all who are involved and the Earth are honored, resources are shared and nurtured in respectful, sustainable ways, Joy, Loving kindness, and Peace are practiced consciously, and everyone's gifts are shared and appreciated where we live and beyond.

* I also love:
-healthy cooking (veggie, vegan, juicing, macro, superfoods, and other gourmet)
-organic gardening
-live performance

* Please feel free to contact me, especially if you are interested in sharing about what I've presented here, for web links to my visual work, are interested in a session or learning healing techniques, or of you know of a residential situation that complements the values I've presented.

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