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"Apparent division can never erect itself into a real separateness; there is supporting and overriding it an indivisible unity which division itself cannot divide."
A Greater Psychology, An Introduction to Sri Aurobindo's Psychological Thought - Sri Aurobindo, edited by A. S. Dalal

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Holly Duval C.

United States 91307

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I have a BA in Religious Studies and I almost completed my MA in Religious studies. I participated in the first Interfaith Academies for Religious Leaders hosted by Religions for Peace – USA in partnership with the Harvard Pluralism Project, Saint Paul School of Theology, and the Greater Kansas City. I consider myself more of a mystic and my religiosity is esoterically Christian based as well as nature based.

My Dream
To help, to create and work with others in a world that accepts individuality... I am also looking for a career as part of this process.

I am a very creative person. I love to study all religious perspectives. I love myth and mysticism. I believe in individuality and I am inspired by Carl Jung. I write and love to water color. I am involved with the world of the underground music scene. I have written a book "My PUNKALULLABY: The Seminary of Praying Mantis." The Praying Mantis is my motif of personality. For me life, the need for wild freedom, and music continues through my life in many stages. My relationship with the Praying Mantis is how I identify myself with life, death and rebirth whether it is physically, mentally or spiritually. Praying Mantis is an image of the divine in all things… and this has always been part of the continuity of my musical adventure during my years as a punk rocker…and still is today.


I am a housewife with two boys who lives in the San Fernando Valley. I am a reflective individual with a home and four cats. My husband is a respiratory therapist and works for Kaiser in West Los Angeles

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